How to make animated birthday videos for Instagram in under 5 mins!

How to make animated birthday videos for Instagram in under 5 mins!

by shravya | 26 Sep 2022 |

Birthdays are really special and birthday wishes for loved ones are always a big part of our lives. Birthdays of loved ones are days when we get to celebrate people who mean the most to us and really tell them how much we love them. But……how do you say “Happy Birthday” without boring them and actually give them an experience that eventually becomes a great memory? How about a birthday video? Nah, too regular right?

Well, not if it’s an amazing ANIMATED birthday video!

That’s right! You can make a really sweet, quirky, heart-warming animated birthday video for Instagram without any prior training or shelling out all your money. 

All you have to do is think of a great couple of lines that would be the script of the video and let AI do its magic, creating animated characters and effects for you. You can then go on to customize the video by editing the expressions, adding more effects, swapping the music, etc as needed and voila! The video is ready to make the day of the birthday boy/girl!

And, the best part is that the entire process is just a couple of clicks and takes just about 5 mins! Here’s a step-by-step guide that will take you through the video creation for an animated birthday wishes video.

Step 1

Log into Steve.AI and choose Animation on the dashboard. Click on Create and choose the Animation option. Select Horizontal.

Image1 2

Step 2

Next, choose from the auto-generated script for birthday video and customize it by editing. You can also write your own script afresh if you have a couple of lines jotted down.

Image2 2

Now, select from the platter of choices as per the kind of video you want. This includes the music, voice-over additions, and most importantly entering the keyword for your video which will give AI the context to create your content.

Image3 2

Click Next. Select Video Design type from options according to the visual format you prefer.

Image4 2

Step 3

Annnnnnnd your animated birthday video is now ready! Well, a pretty solid first draft is!

Image5 1

You can now customize the video to make it your own and add your touches. You can swap out the characters from a wide range of options, change the expressions of the characters from hundreds of choices, add some fun elements from all the creative assets available and make the video all the more beautiful for your loved ones.


Step 4

Click on Publish and let Steve AI take care of the rendering and give you a downloadable video in minutes!


This is exciting, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your birthday animation videos like a pro with Steve AI by your side and make amazing memories with your loved ones! Also, the video becomes an excellent keepsake that will always remain special!

Here’s how ours turned out –

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