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Make your static PDF documents into engaging videos with animations, voiceovers, and transitions. Try Steve PDF to video maker and watch your PDF come to life in few minutes

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Users prefer to consume content on video-sharing platforms rather than downloading and reading PDFs

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Why Should You Choose A Video Over PDF?

If your information is complex, a video might be a better way to get your point across that a PDF.

Videos can improve your learning outcomes better than PDF files.

Videos are more accessible and shareable to everyone than a PDF file.

If your audience are visual learners, a video is a better choice than a PDF.

Videos can stand out from the crowd and attract more attention than a PDF file.


Convert, Create, Captivate your audiences
with videos from PDF

Experience PDFs like never before.

Convert boring PDF to video in a jiff

Step 1
Log in to Steve. Choose ‘Create New Project’
Step 2
Choose your video type(Live or Animated video)
Step 3
Paste the content you want from the PDF to the script page
Step 4
Select the theme as per your wish and customise your video to your needs.
Step 5
Save, share and download your video
Design Your Video Now!

How To Make Awesome Videos From
PDF Files

Break your PDF into smaller chunks, and remove any unnecessary text or images.

Choose from our 10M+ media assets in Steve library to make your videos more attractive.

You can upload your own assets or media to your video to make it more personalised.

Steve library has 1000+ custom templates for you to choose from to create stunning videos.

Convert Your PDF to Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using PDF to video maker?
It saves you time and money on producing videos. You don’t need any prior video editing skills or expensive software to use PDF to video maker.
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Is it possible for PDF to play GIF?
PDF is a flat document with a fixed layout, so it does not support playing animated GIFs directly. To show an animated GIF in PDF, you have to insert the GIF in PDF as a separate file.
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How can I protect my PDF video from unauthorized use?
If you want to protect your PDF video from being copied, modified, or distributed without your permission, you can add a watermark or a password to your PDF video.
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Is it possible to play a PDF as video?
Yes, you can play a PDF as video. Sign up on Steve.AI and create videos from PDF.
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How do I choose the right PDF to video maker for me?
The best way to choose the right PDF to video maker for you is to consider your needs and budget. If you need a quick and easy way to create videos from PDF files, then try Steve.AI PDF to video maker.
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Can I upload a PDF in Steve?
No, you cannot upload a PDF in Steve, you can paste the content from your PDF and then convert it to video.
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