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How to make a onboarding video in
5 simple steps?

Step 1
Log in to Steve.AI and choose the live or animation category
Step 2
Upload your script or choose from our auto generated scripts to tweak context
Step 3
Choose a template from our customized library
Step 4
Simply edit the video by mere swapping of animated characters, expressions or actions.
Step 5
Export and share your video
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Pro Tips for Creating Great
Onboarding Videos


Set a friendly, approachable tone

Make sure that the language you use in the video as well as the visuals are warm, welcoming and friendly. This sets the tone for the employees/users to interact with the organization and become part of it seamlessly.


Create nuanced content that caters specifically to your users/employees

Make the content relatable to specific sets of people to encourage engagement. A generic video may come across as boring. Include personalised points as much as possible.


Break monotonous sections with fun elements

Ask a question and encourage reflections, make a joke and keep the language casual, or maybe even include a meme. Create good breaks between heavy information for the viewers to enjoy the experience.


Find the best tools to assist your video making

Steve is great to convert your on-boarding text into brilliant videos. Similarly, find other tools to help you with other aspects such as image creation, content generation, etc to optimize your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a virtual onboarding video?
Once you have the script/text content for the onboarding ready, you can use an AI onboarding videomaker online tool like Steve to convert the text into professional videos in a few clicks and create onboarding video series for your employees.
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How to make a customer onboarding video maker?
Create a login in Steve AI, a virtual onboarding video maker tool, with your email id, and log in to our dashboard. Select Script to live/animation video category. Enter script, choose media and customize easily in a single click. Other onboarding video templates like employee onboarding video can also be made following the same steps.
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What makes an onboarding video effective?
Onboarding videos are effective when they keep the audience engaged, interested and feel welcome for further interactions while also conveying important information.
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