What’s your language of choice? Create content with Steve’s Multi-Language support now!

Your AI videomaking assistant Steve goes from script to video in 6 languages and counting! With 30+ voice-overs and multiple accents, your content will now talk to your audience in the language that they most connect with!




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Explore amazing features to
customize your multilingual video

6 supported languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and French.
+30 multi-language voice-overs and accents
1000+ custom video templates
Easy text editing and customization
Rich graphics and video assets
Great music and voiceover options
Seamless collaboration
Ready, Set, Go!

Extensive range of creative assets and themes to create
slick, impactful videos

Customize on the go with never-before ease and find just the right balance between
personalized content and standardized formats!

No credit card required

How to make a Multi Language
Video in 5 simple steps?

Step 1
Log in to Steve AI and choose the animation/live category
Step 2
Upload the script in any of the supported languages on script page. Select same language voice-over if required.
Step 3
Choose a template from our customized library
Step 4
Edit the first draft by swapping visuals or by uploading your own where required
Step 5
Export and share your video
Start Creating Your First Video

Pro Tips for Creating Great
Multi Language Videos


Zero down on your customer segment and languages needed

Start off with a creative idea of how the video would flow and think of what visuals would suit the videos the best. You can pick the language that suits your audience. You can use Steve to create live as well as animated visuals, so imagine away and let the AI do the job


Find the best tools to assist your video making

A uniquely perfect set of tools that optimize your video making do exist! For generating stunning live or animated videos, Steve is the best! Similarly, from planning the music production, creating your soundtracks, to distributing the content on channels, find the best tools that will make your job easier while elevating the quality of output.


Select the right voice-over and music

You can localize the videos by picking the right voice-over accents for each language. Steve offers a range of voices and accents collections.


Create small snippets of the video for promotions

Split the video into meaningful snippets to share on social media and up the potential for the content to get shared more and maybe even go viral!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi language video maker?
A multi language video creator is an online tool that helps you create live and animated videos, spanish videos, or any other video where text and visuals come together. You can use an AI professional multi-language video maker to create these videos even without videomaking experience.
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What voice overs can I use for my videos?
You can select from the range of +30 voice-overs and accents available for each of the 6 languages available on Steve.
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What type of visuals are available on Steve?
Create a login in Steve AI, your animated video maker, with your email id, and log in to our dashboard. Select Script to animated video category. Enter script and choose necessary media options. Customize your design and download it instantly.
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