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Regular sessions for continued knowledge expansion

How to make a AI videos with outro in
5 simple steps?

Step 1
Log in to Steve AI and choose the live/animation category
Step 2
Upload your script or choose from our auto generated scripts to tweak
Step 3
Choose a template from our customized library. Edit visuals in one click by just swapping.
Step 4
Click on outro scene, upload your brand assets.
Step 5
Export and share your video

Pro Tips for Creating
Powerful Educational Videos


Include brand essentials like logo and product name

These are essentials for brand outro and help create great visibility and brand recall among audiences who consume your content.


Zero down on a brand color theme

Do not forget to include your brand colours, font style, and any other design aspects that talk the language of your brand.


Add movement to the outro visual

Rather than having a static visual, try and incorporate some element of movement. For example, if your logo has the element of trees in it, a little sway of the trees could add so much more appeal to the audience.


Find the best tools to assist with creating an outro

You can easily add an outro to a video that you have generated or create an outro clip using an Outro Video Maker Online like Steve! Find more such tools for the other aspects such as creating a font, generating an image, etc to make your outro really stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an outro video important?
Outro videos are amazing branding tools that tie together your content strategy and amplify your impact. They help establish a strong connect between your audience and your brand and make every piece of content add to the overall narrative of your brand.
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how to use a YouTube outro video maker for my video?
Create a login in Steve AI, an outro maker app, with your email id, and log in to our dashboard. Select Script to live/animation video category. Enter script and choose required media options. Customize your video and choose the add outro scene to add the youtube outro template. The youtube outro video maker will now automatically generate your video for download.
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How to find free outro template for videos on Steve?
On Steve, you can find the outro template for the free videos that you create. However, you would have to purchase a starter pack at a nominal fee to add the elements to the outro video and add the out to your video on the go. This is a great tool to create outro for youtube, social media and other digital campaigns with clear branding.
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What is an example of outro video?
A song outro is the musical section that concludes the song. For example, in “Hey Jude” by The Beatles1, the outro is a long vocal improvisation over the repeated phrase “na na na na”.
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