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Users are 3x more likely to watch a YouTube tutorial video than read a product instruction manual.

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Customise your tutorial video with our 300+ animations from Steve.AI library. You can use our graphics, music, and sound effects to create an engaging tutorial video.
You can preview your tutorial video where you can edit out any unnecessary parts, and make sure the video has relevant details only.
Choose from our 1000+ custom video templates and easily customize them to fit your needs and style.
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With Steve.AI, you can make captivating AI tutorial videos using these amazing templates.

Create Tutorial Videos In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1
Log in to Steve.AI and choose ‘Create New Project’ and choose the video type.
Step 2
Write your own script or use one of our scripts from the script library relevant to your topic.
Step 3
Choose a template from our customized library
Step 4
Select the theme as per your wish and customise your video to your needs. You can add custom photos here if needed.
Step 5
Save, share and download your video.

Ace Your Tutorial Videos with These
4 Must-Know Pro Tips


Choose a specific topic and audience

What do you want to teach your viewers? Who is your ideal viewer? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can tailor your video to their needs and interests.


Short, Snappy, and Spot-On

Respect your viewers’ time by keeping your tutorial videos concise and to the point. Break down the content into short, focused videos if the topic is extensive. This allows viewers to consume information in manageable chunks.


Use examples and scenarios

Examples make your tutorial videos more practical and relevant. You can use real-life situations, case studies, or simulations to show how your tutorial video can help solve a problem. This will also help your viewers relate to your video and apply what they learn


Get feedback and upload your video to a hosting platform.

Before you publish your tutorial video, you should ask for feedback from your friends, colleagues, or target audience. You can use their suggestions to improve your video and make it more effective


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tutorial video?
Tutorial videos are short videos that teach, demonstrate, or explain something to the viewers. They can be used for various purposes, such as education, training, marketing, entertainment, etc. Tutorial videos usually have a clear goal, a step-by-step structure, and a simple and engaging presentation
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What types of tutorials can I create with a Tutorial Video Maker?
You can create a wide range of tutorials, including software demonstrations, product guides, educational lessons, and how-to videos on various topics.
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Why should I create tutorial videos?
They are an effective way to share your knowledge, skills, or expertise with others, and help them learn and understand something better. You can also showcase your product, service, or brand, and persuade your potential customers to buy or use it.
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How long should a tutorial video be?
Research suggests that viewers generally prefer shorter videos, between 1-6 minutes long. This is because attention spans are shorter online, and viewers are more likely to watch a shorter video all the way through. However, longer videos of up to 20 minutes may be more effective for certain topics or audiences.
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What is the difference between a tutorial video and a walkthrough video?
A tutorial video is a type of video that provides step-by-step instructions on how to do something. A walkthrough video is a type of informational video that shows you around a product, service, or company. They are often used to show people how to use a product or service.
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Can I create tutorial videos in Steve.AI for free?
Steve.AI is completely free to use. Enjoy unlimited access to a vast library of templates, icons, and backgrounds. However, keep in mind that the free plan has limitations. For more advanced design capabilities, consider upgrading to a paid plan. Explore our pricing page for more details.
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