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Convert your complex topics into enticing videos with the help of Steve. With Steve, you can create amazing videos that educate your audience and leave a lasting impact.


On a daily basis, 63% of teachers actively use technology with their students, and the most common type of digital tool they use is video

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Why Should You Choose Steve To
Create Instructional Videos?


Steve platform is a simple browser based tool with which you can access the video anywhere in the world.

Animation and Live-action Videos:

You can choose between these two categories to create your video.

Multiple video formats:

Steve caters to various video sizes specific to each platform.


From recording your own voice to adding your own images, you can easily customize based on your needs.


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Create Instructional Videos In Seconds

Step 1
Log in to Steve. Choose ‘Create New Project’
Step 2
Choose your video type(Live or Animated video)
Step 3
Use auto-generated script or write your own own script
Step 4
Select the theme you want and customise your video to your needs.
Step 5
Save, share and your video.
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Tips To Create Instructional Videos
That People Actually Watch

Use jokes to keep your viewers engaged. You don’t need to be serious.

Choose a video format based on the topic and target audience.

Pick a thumbnail that is visually appealing and relevant to the video content.

Add subtitles or captions to cater to different audiences and improve accessibility.

Keep your videos direct and short.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why instructional animated videos is useful in learning?
Using visuals for learning, animation in education helps learners get a clear picture of the lesson by presenting abstract concepts visually. For example, a teacher can make animated videos for a rocket launch to teach them
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What are the benefits of instructional videos?
They can increase learner engagement and retention, they can provide flexibility and convenience for learners to access the content anytime and anywhere, they can reduce costs and time for instructors to create and deliver the content
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What are the types of instructional videos?
There are many types of instructional videos, such as explainer videos, tutorial videos, demonstration videos, screencast videos, animated videos, and live-action videos.
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How much time should an instructional video take for students to watch?
The highest student engagement levels were for the shortest videos of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Course developers should generally keep their videos at or below six minutes to make their video content more effective
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What are the challenges of creating instructional videos?
Creating instructional videos can be challenging for various reasons, including finding the right topic and audience, writing a clear and concise script, choosing a suitable format and style, recording and editing the video, publishing and sharing it
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