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Video is more memorable than text. 68% of people say they are more likely to remember the information they watched in a video than the information they read in a text.

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Get your script into a visually amazing video using Steve. You can write your own script and then choose from different templates, languages, voices, and presenters to make your video using AI in minutes.

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You can produce stunning 4K quality videos from script with Steve’s latest cloud technology at a very low cost.
You can create professional videos by converting your script into a video using AI within minutes.
You can collaborate with your team members and clients on your video projects and get feedback and approval in real time
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Steps to create video in Steve.AI

Step 1
Log in to Steve.AI Choose ‘Create New Project’
Step 2
Personalize by adding own script.
Step 3
Upload your photos right into the dashboard.
Step 4
Customize by swapping color, music, and more.
Step 5
Save and share your videos
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The Secrets of Writing a Script
that Only a Few Know

Be as concise as you can. Try to keep your audience entertained at all times. A script will help you keep your talking points concise.

Information tells a story, find that narrative. The best video content tells stories that connect with the viewer.

Write your script like you speak. It should sound natural.

Write your script in a natural and clear way that expresses your message well

How to convert script to video using AI in minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Steve.AI to create video from lengthy script?
Steve.AI uses advanced AI technology to automate the video creation process. You can simply upload your script, choose a template, and let Steve do the rest. Steve will match your script with the best visuals, music, and voiceover from its huge media library.
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What are the benefits of using AI Script to Video converter?
AI Script to Video converter can help you save time, money, and effort in creating videos for your business, education, or personal use.
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What does a video script consist of?
A typical video script consists of three parts: A catchy opening that hooks the viewers to your video. A challenge, issue, or inquiry that arises. A final part that solves the challenge, issue, or inquiry, and includes a call-to-action.
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What's the core part of a video script?
The concept is the foundation of a great video script. It's what gives the story its structure and its meaning.
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What is the length of a video script?
There is no fixed rule for how long your text should be. The shorter and more concise, the better. However, a general guideline is that 125-150 words will usually produce one minute of audio.
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