4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Instagram Video Strategy

4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Instagram Video Strategy

by admin | 12 Nov 2022 |

Instagram is a social media content publishing platform. But, it is not just that. It is a widely used portal for not just entertainment but for learning too. And, It is a potent marketing channel thanks to over 1.4 billion users it hosts!

Over 44% of users shop on the platform every week and many more discover new brands and businesses every day through Instagram!

Naturally, the platform is one of the main channels for a lot of brands to engage with users and is an integral part of any successful marketing campaigns for such businesses. And, it is practically impossible to design any strategy for Instagram marketing, with the platform’s growing video-centricity, without video content.

So, how do you start designing a great Instagram video strategy that works? Here are some basic touchpoints to consider:

How much does Instagram affect your bottom line?

As a first step, it is wise to first understand what a successful campaign on Instagram would mean to you. It is increased brand awareness? Higher sales conversions? Better engagement and establishing trust? When you zero down on this, it gets easier to see if Instagram is indeed the right platform to focus your efforts in. 

Once you understand what you want, you can then get on with chalking out the ‘How’ part of it to improve effectiveness. This will also help you set the budget right and not overspend in the wrong direction.

Define the nuances of your target audience

Next, you define who your audience is. Especially with a platform that is as populated as Instagram, efforts and money must be directed to people who are as close as they can be to your ideal customer persona lest it is wasted.

Start from the gender inclinations of the persona, the age, the geographic aspects, and such broader areas and define it as much as you can. Choose criteria that most affect the pain-points that your business is solving for. Apart from targeting and promoting your content with such audience, also keep these notes in mind while creating the content to better define the tone and nature of your content.

Focus on adaptability and agility of content creation

Instagram, among other things, is also famous for its ever-changing algorithms. And, the way for businesses to actually take advantage of this instead of losing out on audience reach is by designing adaptable, agile content creation processes. 

The main ways to do this would involve:

Consistent content posting

Quick turn-around of topical, trending content

Having a repurposing strategy in place for different types of content

Minimizing video creation costs while still keeping the bar for content quality high

One great way to achieve all 4 of these approaches quite easily is with Steve.AI as your AI video-making assistant to reduce costs, conserve manual effort (thus enabling consistency), create videos in minutes to ride on trends, and repurpose any text or image content into videos in a flash!

Explore collaborations with micro-influencers

Once you have your optimized video creation processes in place, the next step is to think of distributing the content right. 

Instagram is one of the foundations for influencer marketing. This provides a great way to reach really concentrated target audiences through a trusted voice. What’s more effective than that? Micro-influencers!

Micro-influencers are both cost-effective to collaborate with as well as give you access to a niche audience that is likely to really understand the value your business is creating. So, it is a great idea to have this as part of the bigger strategy.

These points are just the starting points. Once you have the basics in place, experiment, understand better and keep refining your strategy to build a solid marketing channel on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to be frugal and smart while you are at it, in terms of resources as well as costs, and leverage the power of AI at every possible step!

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