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Steve.AI’s Youtube Video maker makes it easy to stand out on YouTube with live action and animated videos.

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Did you know that almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube Everyday?

Start creating your videos and engage your audience with your very own way of storytelling, no experience required!

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Create a Youtube Intro

You don’t need professional design skills to make an engaging YouTube intro that introduces your brand. Grab viewers’ attention with our beautiful YouTube intro templates.

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Create a YouTube Outro

Encourage users to subscribe with a YouTube outro video. Start with one of our YouTube outro templates.

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Create a Youtube Ad

Increase conversions with a YouTube ad. Get started with Steve.AI’s YouTube ad templates.

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Create wow worthy Youtube Videos with Steve.AI

  • 1000+ custom Youtube Video Templates
  • AI powered auto generated scripts
  • Rich Graphics, Videos and music assets
  • Easy to customize
  • Seamless collaboration across devices

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How to create masterful Youtube Videos


Log in to Steve.AI and choose either Live or Animation


Upload your script or choose one from our sample scripts library.


Choose a template from our customized library


Customize the look and feel of your video.


Save and share your videos

4 ways to create professional Youtube Videos

Make it short and sweet

Make it short and sweet

Just like you want to hook your viewers in fast, the best way to keep your viewers engaged is to not waffle. This means you’ll have less people closing your videos and skipping your ads halfway through

Hook your viewers quick

Hook your viewers quick!

Boredom is the common enemy content creators and advertisers have to grapple with on YouTube. Don’t labour on slow introductions, viewers find that sort of thing tedious.

Add Call-to-action

Add Call-to-action

Add a CTA in the outro of your videos with clear, concise messaging that directs your audience to subscribe, click a link, or perform another action.


Branding is key

Put your brand colors, aesthetics, and messaging to use in our customizable templates. Choose a few templates you love, tweak them to match your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a YouTube video?

Record a video with a camera or smartphone and start editing. Try Steve.AI’s YouTube video maker, with varied professionally designed templates that you can edit and customize according to your brand aesthetic.

How to grow my channel with YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts offer a fun way to reach new audiences. Explore trending challenges, collaborate with other creators, and use Shorts to tease longer-form content on your main channel.

Can I use my own footage image & videos when creating a youtube video?

Yes, you can add your own media in the workspace section. Use the swap icon to upload your images and videos. Use the built-in editing tools to crop, trim, and adjust your visuals for the best look.

Is YouTube Video Maker free to use?

Yes! You can use the free version for as long as you need to create videos in minutes. But remember, a free plan has only so much to offer. So, go for a paid plan when you’re ready to scale your design needs. Visit our pricing page to know more.

How can I make money on YouTube in 2024?

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is still a primary path, but creators also explore options like brand sponsorships, memberships (channels with exclusive content for paying fans), and merchandise sales. There's a focus on building a strong community and offering value to viewers.