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  • 1000+ custom product video templates

  • AI powered auto generated scripts

  • Rich graphics, videos and music assets

  • Easy to customize

  • Seamless collaboration across devices

  • 1000+ custom product video templates
  • AI powered auto generated scripts
  • Rich graphics, videos and music assets
  • Easy to customize
  • Seamless collaboration across devices

Extensive range of creative assets and themes to create slick, impactful videos

Customize on the go with never-before ease and find just the right balance
between personalized content and standardized formats!

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How to make unmissable AI promo videos

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Choose Script to Live Video
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Step 3

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Choose your favourite template
Customize the look and feel of your video
Step 4

Customize the look and feel of your video.

Step 5

Save and share your videos.

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Pro Tips for Creating Powerful Promotional videos

Focus on stories, not sales
Focus on stories, not sales

The best video content tells stories that connect with the viewer.Videos that are purely focused on a brand, or driving sales, will likely be ignored.

Keep your message shor
Hook your viewers quick!

Start off strong! The first few seconds of your video ad are the most important for hooking your audience.

Target relevant audience
Try animated promo video

Among the hundreds of promo videos out there and decreasing audience attention spans, the promo videos that stand out and get the attention of viewers are more likely to work well. Make your videos unique with Steve.AI, your animated promo video maker

Add Call-to-action
Keep the promo focused on a specific goal

Trying to do too much in a single promotional video often results in a chaotic, confusing, or overwhelming video that quickly loses viewers. Define objectives before you start planning your content. Keep each video focused on a singular goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are promotional videos important?

Promotional videos for your business can raise brand awareness, educate, and entertain, creating powerful emotional connections with viewers that boost memory and brand recognition.

What type of promo videos can I create with Steve.AI?

You can create a promo video for Instagram, Facebook, or any other channel - both animated and live-action with Steve.AI’s promo video maker. You can also use the tool as a music promo video maker for YouTube or your website.

How long should a promotional video be?

Aim for 15 to 30 seconds of engaging, action-packed video content. Start with a captivating hook that grabs viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. Using an online promo video maker to control the length of your videos makes it easier to create the perfect video.