Liked Lumen5 but wished for a lot more? Your search ends with Steve!

We took all the good parts of your favourite AI video makers and added everything else that you wished for…including Animated Videos!

Try the best alternative to Lumen5 now!

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Showing how to use the Steve, which is an alternative to Lumen5

Steve vs Lumen5

Features that make producing videos a breeze!

Animation video creation
Animated newscaster template with character lip-sync
More than 5 mins of video length in free version
Easy repositioning of text and visuals on video
Auto-generated script templates
Producing 4k resolution videos

Clearly Steve is the best videomaking assistant for you but that’s no accident!

We worked hard on the important things that matter to video makers

  • Easy customizations with rich graphics and visuals options to choose from

  • More inclusive free features

  • Over 200 popular script templates to give you a head start

  • Highest quality video output and swift rendering

  • One-click animated content generation

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  • free_featuress
  • script_templates
  • video_download
  • oneclick_animatedcontent

Bring your A game, literally, with Animation!

One of the best features of Steve is that you can make not just live action videos but animation videos too…with as much ease and for free

Create videos that stand out with our extensive range of creative libraries, music, and so much more!

Try out different videos to up your game!

How to make impactful videos in a few clicks!

Step 1

Choose Script to Live/Animation Video

Choose a category
Upload a Script
Step 2

Upload your script or use one of our auto-generated scripts.

Step 3

Choose the video layout template.

Choose a template
Edit your video
Step 4

Customize the visuals, background or any other media in the video in one click

Step 5

Save and share your videos

Export or share video
Okay, it is go time!

So yes, Steve is indeed the perfect video-making tool for you. But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our users are saying

Steve.AI customer testimonial is a fine option for anyone wanting to create simple videos using AI. It's comparable to tools such as Wave.Video and I found it easier to use, with better end results, than Pictory.

Martin Broadhurst

Steve.AI customer testimonial
User and Beginner-friendly: As soon as you click on ‘create’ to begin crafting your video, a helpful tutorial pops up to guide you through the entire process. The process of creating a video is intuitive and easy to do.


Steve.AI customer testimonial
You can easily get access to the stock video footage from Pexels and Pixabay to add variety to the templates offered. It makes the whole editing process a lot easier.

Possible Jerry

Steve.AI customer testimonial is easy to Use for anyone it Saves endless hours on time-consuming tasks like cutting scenes together or color correcting. this revolutionary AI technology automatically turns scripts into videos within minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos can I make on Steve for free?

You can create and download 3 videos per month as a free user. At just a $9 subscription you can download 5 videos per month and unlock the pay per download feature as well!

How to create animation videos on Steve?

Login to Steve. Simply upload your content/script in Steve's dashboard. Choose a template. The AI generates a great first draft of your video. Customize animated character, action and expression in one click and the final video is ready! No design skills required!

How to use a script template?

As soon as you select the video type that you want to create on your Steve dashboard, you go to the script page. Here, you can access over 200 pre-loaded script templates for popular video topics such as ads, social media videos, etc. You can simply choose the one you need and tweak the script to personalize.

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