How to Optimize Video Marketing on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Video Maker

How to Optimize Video Marketing on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Video Maker

by shravya | 10 Oct 2022 |

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms for all things workplace, for both employees and employers. Recent stats show that LinkedIn has over 850 million users! The content on this platform is professional, relatable and very unique when compared to other social media content. It includes diverse topics such as work culture, business stories, product inspirations, life lessons and so much more.

Great LinkedIn content helps build a strong brand story and creates a great channel for people to get to know about businesses and discuss honest work-life thoughts. There are various types of content on LinkedIn that are popular, and one of the most engaging ones is video.

Videos on LinkedIn have generated over 300 million impressions and the impact is only growing every day. Here are some of the videos that work very well on the platform:

Company updates and stories – Talking about the values of the organization, the teams, the struggles and high-points make for great content on LinkedIn and what better way to do that than with engaging videos?

Thought leadership – Share your professional expertise and personal learnings with videos that would help present the message to your audience in the most effective way. This works well on LinkedIn towards building a personal brand and establishing you as a thought leader.

Customer and employee focussed content – Humanize your brand and relate with your users by collating your customer reviews and experiences as well as employee stories. Create immersive videos with these and connect better with your audience.

Product videos – Whether it is a product launch, a highlight of its features, user guides or even run-throughs, byte-sized explanatory videos on LinkedIn do a great job of communicating the content in a very engaging manner.

So, how do we now create these videos and take our LinkedIn content to the next level without breaking our banks or spending weeks of time? Well, enter Steve – Your very own LinkedIn Video Maker.

Here are the four simple steps required to create stunning videos with your AI assistant, Steve, by your side in minutes!

Step 1

Login to Steve AI and you will see your dashboard. Here, select the Live/Animation tab and click on script to video. Let’s go with a Live video for this example.

Image 1 2

Step 2

Write a crisp script of 2-3 lines that summarize your overall content and can work well as an intro for your videos. Enter into the script section.

LinkedIn Video Maker

Bonus hack: Choose from our pre-generated library of popular script templates to help you with the scripting.

In the same step, give a keyword related to the video to help AI understand the context better. Select music, voiceover and image source as required.

Step 3

Select the video layout template. And in less than 10 seconds, your video draft is ready!

Play the video and swap the visuals in a single click from the huge library. You can also customize the colour palette, the music, the scene length, text placement and layout on the workspace menu.

LinkedIn Video Maker

Step 4

Once the customization is done, click on Publish and sit back as Steve AI renders the final video for you in a few minutes! Review it, go back and make changes easily as required and the job’s done!

Have you created your LinkedIn video with Steve yet? Go on, try it and up your video marketing game with your AI assistant.

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