The Story of How Steve Improved Storytelling & Peer-to-Peer Learning of Young Scholars at TomJoy School

The Story of How Steve Improved Storytelling & Peer-to-Peer Learning of Young Scholars at TomJoy School

by Kaviyakavi Baskaran | 29 Dec 2023 |

TomJoy Elementary School is a digital-first school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The school is known for trying the top-tech products for learning. The organization focuses on Project-based learning for learners across different age groups.

Dr.Nicole Glaze posted on platform X and said, “Our 4th-grade @TomJoyElem leaders are starting their PBL digital products using @steveaiHQ sharing what it means to have a literal and figurative heart.”

When we reached out to Dr. Glaze to understand how Steve has impacted the project-based learning and digital adoption at TomJoy, we learned that Steve:

  • Is easy to use
  • Enables STEM Education 
  • Acts as a slate for creativity
  • Ignites peer-to-peer learning 
  • Enhances the visual storytelling skills of the scholars

During our interview, Dr.Glaze also mentioned that scholars enjoyed creating videos on their own while also being innovative in the way they present their projects.

5 Reasons Why TomJoy Opted for Steve.AI

1. Ease of use:

Steve.AI is so easy to use that even 4th-grade learners can use the platform. It does not have overstimulating graphics or videos that make it difficult for children below 7-8 years of age to concentrate. Instead, it has a pleasant and user-friendly interface that helps children to create videos and presentations. 

2. Introduction to STEM Education:

Teaching STEM in the classroom to young scholars becomes 2X easier with the tool that can visually show what they’re learning about. 

Steve.AI is the easiest tool out there to convert text into videos.

As seen in one of the images,

Steve.AI Text to Video

we can see that the scholars have used the same feature of converting text into videos to bring their ideas to life. 

Dr.Glaze mentioned: “Students presented their learnings from their Heart units discussing literal and figurative heart and heart health.”

3. A Slate For Creativity

One of the main reasons why AI in education is not spread like wildfire is the risk of it taking away the students’ creativity. 

But Steve.AI solves the exact problem. It’s not a prompt-only AI tool that does what you ask it to do. Instead, Steve.AI becomes a canvas where you can write and design the output video according to your needs. 

So, when the scholars of TomJoy wanted to present their ideas, they were able to convert their texts into videos easily. 

4. Peer-to-peer learning

As seen in the pictures, the scholars enjoyed creating videos on Steve.AI along with their fellow scholars. This enabled peer-to-peer learning through which the students learned from one another. 

Scholars could teach each other the features of Steve.AI on how to create different characters to present their learnings as a video. 

Peer-to-peer learning has expanded beyond the walls of the 4th-grade classroom as the students teach their junior scholars using Steve.AI

Dr. Nicole Glaze tweeted“4th grade presented their @steveaiHQ presentations to our 3rd grade scholars on figurative and literal heart.”

Nicole Glaze Tweet about Steve.AI
Dr.Nicole Glaze about Steve.AI

5. Enhanced Visual Storytelling

For the teachers of TomJoy, it is important to hone the storytelling skills of the students. So, with the help of Steve.AI, they say that students were able to construct their own stories and also present them as a video. 

For example, once the students had the story ready, they uploaded the text to Steve.AI. Then, based on how they wanted to narrate the story, the scholars split the story into scripts on Steve.AI. Then, once the video was generated, they added the images/videos as and where needed. 

What Next?

Steve.AI helped the TomJoy organization to increase the digital adoption rate for their scholars by 2X without hindering their imagination and creativity. TomJoy’s initiative to bring in AI in learning has caused a ripple effect to other organizations in Nashville as well.

The Story of Steve AI begins with you