Introducing Steve AI 2.0 – 11 Highly Anticipated Features Launch

Introducing Steve AI 2.0 – 11 Highly Anticipated Features Launch

by Abhilash Dasari | 25 Jan 2024 |

What if Adobe Premiere Pro had a secret child, and the father was AI?

Imagine a world where creativity meets artificial intelligence in the most unprecedented way. Join us as we unveil the mysterious and oh-so-creative offspring – Steve AI 2.0. It’s not just a tool; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

2 Years into the Making, 

With 2 US granted Patents,

2 Years into the Launch, 

With 2 consecutive AI Application of the Year Awards, 

And 2 million users after, 

We step into Steve AI 2.0, where the Future of AI content creation unfolds!

Text to GenAI Video – A Symphony of Words and Visuals

Witness the world’s first AI engine transforming text prompts into show-stopping videos. Business users, get ready to have your ideas brought to life faster than you can say “Action!” Explore multiple video styles from 3D to Anime to Pixel Art. You hold the command, and the AI will execute. 

Text to GenAI Video

AI Voice to Video – Resurrecting Audio

Did you always wish you could breathe new life into your voiceovers or audio content? With Steve’s AI Voice to Video, repurpose podcasts or voice clips into visually captivating tales. Maximize the impact and ROI by converting your audio content to videos for enhanced engagement and wider reach. Resurrect audio content, brought to you by the magical touch of AI.

Repurposing Brilliance – Lessons from the Giants

Old Vs New or Old in New Style? 

Take a cue from content giants like Gary Vee and Alex Hormozi, who have mastered the art of repurposing. Giving existing ideas a fresh coat in the form of bite-sized videos for social media. Leverage the transformative magic of repurposing with AI and captivate a broader audience. 

Steve PH 4

Animated TalkingHead Videos – Avatars Beyond Reality

Introducing AI TalkingHead Videos, a revolutionary take on the classic “TalkingHead” concept. Gone are the days of static face shots, with AI magic, we bring avatars to life in multiple angles,  perfectly synchronized with flawless lip-syncing. Mirror real-world figures or create from your wildest imagination.

Video Exports & App Performance – Fast and Flawless

3X faster exports – it’s not just a boost; it’s a speed revolution. With over 100 bugs squashed and the code optimized, the App performance is now 2X better. Say goodbye to waiting – now your creativity moves at the speed of thought.

Steve API – Integrating Brilliance

Introducing the Steve API, the key to seamlessly integrating brilliance into your products. From major LMS tools to a repository of +100 human-like voices, this API is the bridge connecting your creations to boundless possibilities of AI. 

Steve PH 5

Prompt Engineering Course – Shaping the Experts

Ready to master the art of Prompt Engineering? Join our certified course, in collaboration with Animaker & Vmaker, because there’s more to it than just pressing buttons. Transform your research capabilities and become the maestro of storytelling. Remember, promptness is next to godliness.

Steve for Enterprise – Empowering L&D Teams

Enterprise and Learning and Development teams, rejoice! Steve AI is here to be your creative sidekick. Tailored solutions, dedicated support, account managers, and advanced security to transform your functions from cash centers to profit centers. 

Steve AI for L&D Team

New Features – A Feast for Creatives

20+ customer-requested features brought to you by Steve AI 2.0 – from Text animations to Advanced Video Editing, Transitions, Music Visualizers, Asset Collections, Animated AI Avatars, and even a touch of AI Ethics and security. It’s like a Christmas morning at the beginning of the year, but with features. 

Coming Soon – A Glimpse into the Future

Get ready for tomorrow as we bring you – PDF to Video Maker, PPT to Video, Auto-Translations, and Social Media Management, all within a single roof. Your visions for the future can become a reality with Steve AI 2.0

Steve PH 7

New world of GIFs – Giphy Integration

Who doesn’t love a good GIF? Dive into a new world of animated possibilities, adding a touch of humor and flair to your creations. Because sometimes, a GIF speaks louder than words. 

Steve AI Giphy Integration


Welcome to the future of video content creation with Steve AI 2.0. 

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