How to make an Animated Educational Video for Children with AI

How to make an Animated Educational Video for Children with AI

by admin | 29 Nov 2022 |

Animated videos have an element of magic about them, they just are inherently special, aren’t they? Animated characters attract adults and children alike and keep us hooked on the stories they are narrating. For kids, this type of content is particularly useful for educational purposes. Especially since Covid, 69% of parents have said that their kids have been consuming more animated content now.

When it comes to educational content, the power to keep viewers really immersed into the content even when the content is dry has been a struggle for educational content creators. And, this is exactly where animated content comes to the rescue. Animated educational video content has the potential to really connect with children.

But then, isn’t animation a complicated process that takes a lot of training and resources to make? Well yes, but with Steve, you have your very own personal animation creator who acts on your command! Basically, the AI learnt animation so you don’t have to. All you need to do is implement your creative vision with a few simple clicks. So, creating interesting, unique animated educational content is easier than ever!

Since children are big consumers of educational content and are known to love animations, let us see how we can make animated educational content for kids in just a few steps with Steve.

Step 1

Login to Steve with your e-mail id. Select the animation tab on your dashboard and click on the Script to Animated Video button.

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Step 2

You will come to the script page where you can either enter your own script or select from a pre-generated list of popular script templates that include multiple educational video templates.

We have added our own script in this example for a fun video for kids.

Once script is entered, add music and voiceover, and any other media additions required and most importantly enter a keyword for the AI to understand the context of the video.

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Click Next and choose a template for the video. For this example, we are choosing a colourful, fun template.

Step 3

On your workspace, you can review the scenes and make any edits as needed.

You can swap characters, expressions or actions. 

Pro tip: Use our special animal characters or kid characters to give that additional element of appeal for your young audiences.

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You can also edit other aspects of the video such as scene length, colours, text placement, etc in one click.

Step 4

Preview the final video, hit Publish and your video is ready!

Download it and share it on the required channels and your content is out in the world!

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Try it out and make educational videos with utmost ease with your AI assistant by your side!

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