AI-Generated Content: Exploring the Boundaries of Creativity in Video Making

AI-Generated Content: Exploring the Boundaries of Creativity in Video Making

by Sankar M | 13 Mar 2024 |

With all the buzz that ChatGPT or Midjourney has been seeing lately, you have to be living under a rock to not know about AI. Indeed, this technological advancement has taken the world by storm. More and more companies have taken various AI tools and software and are now including them in their content-making arsenal. 

Video creation and editing have perhaps seen the most transformation under AI. From automatically clipping your videos to generating human-like avatars, let’s take a look at how AI can help you get creative with your videos.

What Can AI Do For Video Creation

AI For Video Editing

Video editing is made so much easier with AI. Gone are the days of manually clipping, trimming, or reviewing your content. With various AI tools, you can now automate these tasks with just a few clicks. Editors can then instead focus on other creative aspects of the video instead of wasting time on these labor-intensive tasks. 

AI video editing software can also help in vastly improving a video’s quality. AI does this by using its algorithm to analyze a low-resolution video’s frames, content, and structure. From there, they create a higher-resolution version of these frames. AI also adds some post-processing techniques such as color correction, sharpening, or filtering. All of these can help turn your low-quality video into a 4K one. 

AI For Adding Visual Effects

Visual upgrades such as color correction, lighting adjustments, or video stabilization can now be automatically added through AI. They can also help in color grading, which ensures that your videos have a consistent color tone throughout. 

Some AI tools also offer a background-remover feature. Instead of manually cutting out an object or person from their background, you can use AI to detect and automatically remove it. It also helps you create a more visually immersive video by adding different environments as your background without the need for a green screen. Imagine, you can transport yourself to a snowy landscape even if you shoot your video in your sunny backyard! 

Need a “human” to talk and present in your videos? AI got that covered as well. You can now generate a realistic-looking digital avatar in your videos through tools like Synthesia or DeepBrain AI. These can help you save up on paying for actors or models for your videos.

AI For Text-to-Video Generation

The power of AI even extends to creating a video based on your text. You can see this in action with our very own Text To Video converter tool. Simply upload your script or choose from an AI-generated script from premade categories (this can range from an explainer video or a birthday wishes video). From there, the AI will then generate a video. 

According to studies, viewers remember 95% of a message when delivered by video but only 10% by text. This issue can be easily solved by text-to-video tools as marketers can now create multiple videos in a short amount of time without using too much time or resources. 

AI For Optimized Audio Quality

Audio is an important factor in a high-quality video, and AI knows that as well. AI video editing tools can automatically reduce background noise, increase volume, isolate sounds, and apply speech enhancement. This results in clearer and cleaner audio in your videos.

AI can also automatically sync your audio and video, thus ensuring that the right audio plays. Some tools have an auto-ducking feature where they can match the sound effects or background music to the video. For example, when people are talking the background music is lowered, and increased again when they stop. 

AI can even “dub” your videos now. AI can use speech synthesis and voice conversion algorithms to reproduce human speech in whatever style or language you need. This helps in creating voice overs, narrations, or creating localized marketing videos.  

AI For Subtitles 

Did you know that 92% of people watching videos on their phone watch it with the sound off? This is because people tend to watch their videos in public places and tend to mute videos to avoid disturbing people.

While it may be good for etiquette, it’s a problem for marketers to put their message across without their audience actually hearing their message. This is where the importance of subtitles or captions come in. 

Thankfully, AI tools can now automatically add captions or subtitles to your video. This saves time in having to manually transcribe your videos. 

What Else Can AI Do For Content Marketing

AI is not only limited to video editing but to other aspects of content creation. You can even use it for building your brand authority and identity by using tools like business name generator, AI logo generator, or color palette generators.  

Image creation has been vastly transformed under AI. We see this with the immense popularity of AI image generator tools such as Freepik AI Image generator, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and ImageFX. Remember the 90s yearbook photo trend that went viral in TikTok last 2023? That was from Epik, another AI image tool.

Content writing is also made accessible through AI. You can see this in the rise of ChatGPT, with people using it to easily craft their blog articles, social media captions, or email marketing. Al Humanizer can be used by individuals to give Al-generated text a more human-like tone and prevent detection by Al Content. You can even “train” the tool to write in your specific brand voice (whether your brand sounds formal, approachable, witty, etc.). 


AI has taken the world by storm and it’s for a good reason. It makes editing easier and faster, giving us more time to focus on other creative aspects instead of wasting time on menial tasks. 

Of course, AI is not completely without any issues. However, just like with any other tool or technology, it’s up to all of us to use them responsibly. AI should be seen as a tool to help you, instead of viewing it as a threat.

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