How can AI play a role in different styles of Animation?

How can AI play a role in different styles of Animation?

by Sankar M | 29 Mar 2024 |

In the November of 2022 ChatGpt was rolled out by OpenAI and it broke the internet. 

We all thought that AI was first coming to take over the most redundant and dull aspects of our jobs, but to our surprise, it came in pursuit of creative greatness.

AI image generators were only the beginning. We are now seeing incredible quality animations being created simply with friendly assistance of artificial intelligence.

And that’s what this blog is all about. AI is here to revolutionize the animation industry and anyone who dares to look away from the reality will likely find himself crawling out of the race without their voluntary consent. 

In this blog I will discuss how AI is and will likely play an interesting role in executing different styles of animation. Here is what you will find in this detailed piece;

How AI can help with traditional hand-drawn animation, how exactly generative AI can help you personalize your creative content and what it means for content creators of the present time and the future?

That’s not all. The impact of AI is not just limited to static images or 2D character artwork for some fancy comic. 

In fact this discussion gets even more thought provoking when we see how AI is adding a new level of realism and artistic appeal in the most demanding and expensive yet labor intensive realm of 3D animation. 

I have also mentioned a special tool that can help with motion capture of characters while also automating lip sync of characters as per your given audio. 

Last but not the least I have also delved into the argument of AI taking over the job of animators. We will see if it’s a myth or a reality that will become a nightmare for creative artists. So if you are excited make sure to give it a good read. 

AI helps with 2D animation, and traditional animation

When it comes to 2D animation we know that each character requires a great level of detailing. You need to create one frame at a time and for the entire scene you will draw all the frames where a specific noticeable movement took place. 

That was applicable for literally all the characters or objects you would want to animate in your video. 

However the case is not the same when it comes to the modern version of AI powered animation tools. Today you being an animator, no need to draw each specific frame.

While some people admire the hand drawn animation style since it was very typical of the classical movies of Disney and even some of the best films of the current time, it is worth taking note that AI is here to make this work flow even more productive. 

You see now you need to create keyframes or major expressions and you can always ask AI to replicate your artistic style and it will do it seamlessly. Previously this was a big gap in technology. Not anymore. 

AI can save you the hurdle of the most labor intensive task, leaving you with more time to focus on the creative aspect of the job. Thanks to AI, 2D animation services are more affordable than ever. 

AI for 3D Animation: Realism and Rigging

Character rigging used to be a painstaking job for any animator. 

But not anymore. 

Courtesy of AI no longer you need to spend hours rigging each element or movement of the body perfectly. We now have AI to rig characters in absolutely no time. 

Ai has the ability to emulate natural movements of famous characters and real people making your animated character look more human with every aspect of their appearance. 

There is something even more impressive about AI and that is a new level of realism the AI images that we have been able to create using tools like 

Mid journey Gemini and Co pilot have breathtaking quality. The best part about AI is that you know longer have to create facial expressions for your characters; it simply emulates natural gestures with your friendly Prompt.

The use of AI will certainly allow you to invest more time in character detailing and rendering while rendering movement in real time. 

This is probably the most fascinating thing AI can help you do. 

It’s called virtual environment creation for gaming adventures. 

Previously you would need a dedicated concept artist who will take your script for content creative brief only artist while the artist may nail their job to perfection; the process itself is time consuming and possibly expensive for aspiring creators.

Not with AI at your service. 

You can create lifelike open world environments in 3D as well as the classical 2D. Provide references from the famous and most successful games and AI will take that as an inspiration and happily provide you with something parallel or at sometimes even better.

At times the output might not be top class, it will certainly save you a good load of time and also won’t break your bank.

AI makes Motion Capture easier and faster: Adobe Sensei

Thanks to Adobe Sensei’s motion capture motion feature you can now create real animated characters in real time. There is another exciting feature that comes with the dogs and say and it’s called the lipsing feature lips sink sink period. 

All you need to do is create our ID of mouth options for your character and adops and say will enter them and render them in real time.

Hence for any reasonable, talented artist, or a growing video animation agency there is an abundance of opportunity to create and tell a story of their own with these remarkable tools at their disposal.


Let’s wrap this one up. The access to AI technology for creatives opens a whole new world of opportunities. AI is here to aid us with 2D, and 3D animation work, while also giving us the leverage to spend more time exploring the realm of creative freedom. For the argument on AI taking jobs of artists, it goes without saying that it’s far from reality at least for now.

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