How to Create a Karaoke Video for Your House Party Using AI

How to Create a Karaoke Video for Your House Party Using AI

by admin | 20 Mar 2023 |

Amazing food, rockstar guests, the coolest vibe…..a party is not complete without any of these elements. But, what really seals the deal beyond these is the music. It is the heartbeat of a party.

What if you took it one step forward and created karaoke versions of favourite songs to really get the guests up on their feet and singing to glory? Sounds like the most epic party hack right?

But hey, where do you create karaoke videos for specific tracks that you love? Worry not when AI is here!

You can now create a karaoke video for your house party with stunning visuals and easy-to-read lyrics in minutes with Steve. Let us look at the simple steps below.

Step 1

Login to Steve.AI using your e-mail id. 

You can now see your dashboard. Here, choose either the animation or the live tab depending on the visuals you want for your lyrical video. Let us go with live visuals for this example.

Create Karaoke Video

Click on the Start button in the script to video section.

Step 2

You now go to the script page where you can simply copy paste the lyrics of the song, which Steve divides into scenes, or type out the lyrics.

Lyrical Video

On the same screen, select the options you need such as music, text highlight, etc. Uncheck the voice-over as it is not needed. For the music, you can select the option on this screen and upload your own music track as we will see in the next step.

Enter the most relevant keyword for your video content to help AI understand the overall context better. This will lead to the perfect visual assets added to your video.

Click on Next.

Step 3

You can now see a set of video templates to choose from, click on the one you like and voila! The AI creates your lyrical video from the script in less than a minute!

This screen is your workspace where you can click on the audio section and upload your music track to the video which Steve automatically syncs. 

Lyrical Video
Karaoke Video

You can also review every scene, swap video or image assets on any scene necessary from a library of over a million assets, check the text on the screen, check the layout and ensure the video is perfect.

You can increase or decrease the scene lengths to see that the lyrics are easy to follow. You can also add or delete scenes to make any changes you need.

Click on Publish.

Step 4

Your final video is now ready to be downloaded, click on download after choosing the required video quality and Steve does all the work for you to give you a spectacular video that you can share on any platform or just play from your laptop!

That took us literally 7 minutes to create. Try it and let us know how your house party became epic with a lyrical video that upped the fun quotient without demanding too much effort from you!

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