Tips and tricks for writing a killer video script

Tips and tricks for writing a killer video script

by shravya | 25 Aug 2022 |

So, here’s a POV – You’re a content creator, you have a niche subject that you love to talk about and you are trying to expand your audience base to build a community around your content.

Now, what is that one foundational thing that you can do to firstly, gain the attention of the right audience and then foster a great, value-creating space of engagement and growth? Hone your writing skills!

A great script makes all the difference!

Yes, scripting great content for your videos or posts on social platforms is the magic sauce (an underrated one at that) that sets your content apart and really builds that authentic connection with your audience.  Writing that script that seals the deal is an art for sure, it is a delicate combination of creativity, research, empathy and of course, multiple rounds of editing!

How do you write that perfect script for your videos?

Here is a walkthrough of some simple steps you can practice.

Understand exactly who your video will speak to

It boils down to the question – Do you know your audience? Research your customer personas, talk to them, get in their shoes and understand their pain points. When you are one of them and talk their language, they instantly connect with the content.

Zero down on the video concept to minute details

Specifics start at the script and end up transforming how the audience experience your content. Really flesh out what the video is going to be about and don’t be generic. For example, It is not just a birthday video for a friend. It is a birthday video for a childhood friend who lived next door, loved comic books, shared his cycle with you and now reconnected after decades. Details bring stories alive and make content that much more engaging for your audience. By getting into the little details in the scripting stage, you are more likely to make a gripping, slick video that hits the bullseye!

Add your very own unique twist to the concept

Writing is an inherently personal exercise, even when you are writing marketing or video content. The best content comes when you have ‘you’ in it. So, find a way to connect the script with who you are, what you love or your own experiences. This really turns a standard script into something unique.

Put that first draft to paper even if you aren’t sure its the best

Your first draft is seldom the final one and the process of editing is as important as creating the script. Put that initial draft on paper and don’t hold back, this will become the base for the final draft as well as give an idea of the video landscape you are aiming for. 

Visualize how you want the script to turn out as a video, what kind of images/clips or music you would want. This will set the stage for the next step – Editing.

Refine your script and you are ready to go!

Make multiple rounds of edits to your draft and really make the content concise and directed. The key is to make the content as short as possible without taking away from the effect that the final video will create on audience. Snip, snip, snip till you can’t snip anymore and there’s your final script!

Bonus tip: Convert the script to video in under 10 mins!

You have that great video script with you now. What’s the best thing to do with it? Duh, make a video, you say. Yes! But, here’s a video maker tool to convert your script into a video in under 10 minutes! Now, that’s the best thing isn’t it?

Just log in to Steve AI, type in your script, enter the most relevant keyword to give the AI context and voila! The video maker creates an amazing video that you can now customize by swapping the images/clips, adding music, text and voice-over and download in an instant!

Here’s a 2 minute long video where we went from text to final video in under 5 minutes!

So go on, write a great script and create an amazing video that your audience would lap up right away! Have you started?

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