Promo Videos – Types of Content to Get Started and The AI Advantage

Promo Videos – Types of Content to Get Started and The AI Advantage

by admin | 30 Dec 2022 |

Did you know? The earliest known promotional video was telecast in 1941! 

Video marketing has grown tremendously since then, especially in the last two decades since the advent of social media platforms and video-hosting platforms. It is not just an important part of marketing today but is in fact central to a campaign’s success in many ways. 

A Statista report says that U.S. marketers expect to spend 41.9% more on video ad campaigns by the year 2024! Clearly, video ads are working for a lot of brands and are powerful tools of marketing.

So, where do you start when you want to create promo videos? And, what does AI have to do with it?

Exploring what kind of promo videos you can make is the first step. Discussed below are some common types of promo content you can consider and plan creatively. These could help kickstart your ideation or give you direction while brainstorming. 

As for AI, it can be an aid during various stages of promo video creation. There are AI tools that help with ideating for popular trends to piggyback your video on, there are tools that can smartly write the video script for you, there are tools that can create music, etc and all of these are one Google search away. 

However, as a more holistic solution, let us talk about a complete video production AI tool like Steve. Such AI videomaking tools take your script as input and automate all the other steps of video creation to give you the final output. Especially with Steve, since it can also offer diversity of content types including animated and live action promo videos!

Effectively, the biggest advantage that many AI tools give for promo video makers is they directly improve the ROI. By automating the videomaking process, they make it possible to create high-quality videos with lesser resources, substantially lesser amount of time and of course, at decreased costs. Undoubtedly, Steve is designed for this and more! It is one of the best AI assistants you can have as a video content creator.

So, now that we know AI videomaking tools are great to use for making promo videos, let us go back to the kind of videos one can make.

Here are some common video themes you can explore and build on while creating content:

The ‘Brand introduction’ video

This is essentially a promo video that takes the viewer on a journey of your brand’s basic introduction – Who you are, what is your vision, what do you do. This is usually a video presented by key people within the brand, possibly the CEO or founder. Through all this, the “why” behind your brand gets highlighted, you humanize the brand and potentially connect more with the audience.


The ‘What we offer’ video

This is one of the most popular types of promo videos where a brand showcases its best or latest products/services offered and explains the respective features. The brand can also list all its offerings in one promo video to communicate to their audience what their range is. While at it, brands can get creative introducing their products or showcasing them being part of their potential customer’s lifestyles.


The ‘Our USP’ video

Brands can also create promo videos centered around their USP, or more specifically around the advantage they offer over their competitors. This clearly communicates why the audiences and potential customers should be coming to the brand over other brands and shows that one unique feature you offer. These can be powerful ways of standing out and capturing people’s attention.


The ‘Customer stories’ video

Promo videos can also leverage customer stories or testimonials to convey how great the brand is. This cuts all the noise and lets the audience directly focus on the end result, leading to more interest and potential conversions for the ad.


Campaign-based videos

Video ads that tell a story reflecting a brand value are also very powerful. Rather than talking directly about your brand, you can design specific campaigns that are in line with the brand’s tone of voice and entertain the audience or elicit positive emotions from them while you implicitly also make them notice your brand.


So, geared up with content ideas and your favorite AI videomaking assistant Steve, are you ready to create some truly amazing promo videos? What are you waiting for?

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