How to use free Facebook Video Ad maker for your next campaign

How to use free Facebook Video Ad maker for your next campaign

by shravya | 26 Sep 2022 |

What’s one thing common to real estate and marketing communications? Location, location, location! Of course the context is different but the similarity is that just like how the location of a property you buy plays a big difference to the quality of investment, the location that marketers choose to communicate with customers is key to the success of campaigns.

Now, videos are of course huge as a content format and are only expected to grow in terms of engagement and reach. However, where do these videos work best? Well, in case of video ads, a lot of stats point to one channel that overtakes most others in views, targeted reach and audience preference – Facebook!

Facebook videos get over 8 billion views every day, FB ads have twice the reach when compared to TV ads, mobile-optimized videos on FB increase brand awareness by 67%, 71% of the audience say that the FB video ads they see are relevant,….and the positive stats continue to give us one single understanding that Facebook Video Ads are THE channels to optimize marketing and communication efforts on.

But then, how do you manage to keep video production costs low and turnaround times quick so that your ROI is optimized? Enter Steve AI!

Making a video ad is simpler than ever before with Steve AI as your Facebook video ad maker since all you have to do is enter the script (or choose from the pre-generated templates and customize it) and create professional quality video ads in minutes with the power of AI.

t’s true! Here is how we made a super-impactful video ad in just a few clicks. Let us go through the steps one by one:

Step 1

Login to Steve AI and you’ll arrive at the dashboard. Between ‘Animation’ and ‘Live’, click on ‘Live’ tab (since it works best for vertical video ads that are more suited for Facebook) and choose ‘Script to Live Video’

Step 2

Next, choose from the wide range of script templates or write your own script afresh. We have chosen an existing template.

Image1 3

Mention the keyword for the AI to understand the context and generate the perfect video ad for you.

Image2 3

Step 3

Your first draft is ready! Go through the scenes and make easy customizations by clicking on ‘swap’/ You can also select different music from a huge library.

Image3 3

Once you are good with the video ad, click on Publish

Step 4

Your video ad is now rendered, with text, music and scenes in sync and is ready to be downloaded in just a few minutes! What’s more? The video is of the highest quality and you can also choose to go further and create 4k video ads with Steve AI!

Isn’t it amazing that the biggest part of videomaking – the video production, is now taken care of by AI while we can focus on the more creative aspects and give direction? Go ahead and create your own video ads in minutes for free and empower your video marketing strategy like never before!

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