Basics Guide to Optimizing your Facebook Video Content Strategy

Basics Guide to Optimizing your Facebook Video Content Strategy

by admin | 29 Nov 2022 |

Facebook is a powerful channel for marketers and the statistics give proof of this. Facebook has a whopping 2.9 billion users over 79% of the monthly users are active daily! What’s more? Its advertising reach is over 2.11 billion people!

Powerful numbers and a whole lot of potential there for marketers. Isn’t it? Well, now for the not-so-good news: 93% of businesses are active on Facebook. This means that the competition for the attention and patronage of the Facebook audience is fierce! 

When it comes to the type of content that works well, the platform has become famously more and more video-centric and video marketing has become a core part of marketing on Facebook. 

So, as a business that wants to leverage the power of Facebook video content, what should we do to connect with the audience and really engage with them? Here are a few insights

Zero down on the target audience

The huge number of Facebook users is an advantage as well as a disadvantage for marketers in a way. It is important to select the right set of audiences to reach out to on Facebook so your marketing efforts are optimized. Find communities that resonate with the same pain points that you are solving for, select the user demographic right when running ads and create targeted content for better success instead of populating your channel with generic content.

Gain attention by standing out

It is also very important to look at how the majority of content on Facebook looks like and NOT create similar kinds of content, Your visuals, language, and approach have to be different to stand out and capture the attention of the ever-scrolling audience on the channel. 

Prioritize ideating for fresh, bold content that will break the clutter and captivate your audience.

Diversify your content 

While creating unique content is important as we saw. It is not a great idea to stick to just one kind of content. Constantly experiment with different and new formats of content. Try animated content for Facebook, try different storytelling perspectives and expand your content diversity to keep your existing audiences on their toes as well as reach wider people on the channel.

Turn trends to your advantage

There have been many debates about how the Facebook algorithm works and how to leverage trends. While the debates go on and the algorithm gets tweaked every now and then, what we can do as marketers is to balance trends with originality. Trending videos and topics do get more eye-balls, so it is always a good idea to lean into the trends while giving our own twist to them in our content. 

For example, if a dancing trend is going viral, maybe create content with the same audio showing your team dancing to it and humanize your brand for your audience to connect with.

And we see, planning and diversifying content and following moment-trends in our own style with spontaneous content is a constant see-saw that Facebook marketing demands. It is hard work, and it puts creativity to a test, but then it is also a whole lot of fun and impacts branding and sales in a big way when done consistently and with commitment.

So, keep at your video marketing efforts on Facebook and of course, delegate all your video production to Steve, your AI video making assistant, as you provide creative direction! 

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