How to make a Product Video without spending a bomb using AI!

How to make a Product Video without spending a bomb using AI!

by shravya | 12 Oct 2022 |

Marketing a product well is key to ensuring that the value of the product reaches the targeted users and really communicates with them. This requires great storytelling, an engaging format and presence on all the channels where the target users might be. Videos tick all these boxes and how! Videos give an immersive experience to the audience, they are a very convenient form of content to consume and they are big on almost every content platform.

So, making a product video becomes almost synonymous with a marketing campaign. Even the numbers agree – There is a whopping 800% rise in video ads globally and over 64% of consumers are making purchases after watching brand videos on social media!

But this also means that there is that much more competition and your product videos must stand out to make an impact on the audience. And, this pursuit can turn out to be an expensive time-consuming process. 

To keep costs and time optimized and still deliver amazing product videos, here are some effective content strategies that leverage AI based tools:

-Write a slick, creative script that has a solid tone. Use an AI product video maker to turn that script into a video in minutes

-Create animated video to make your content unique, with a strong personality and attention-grabbing with AI tools that create animations in minutes

-Blogs are steady, consistently performing content formats and most marketers create atleast one blog listing down the features of a new product. Convert that blog into video using AI-based tools

-Repurpose photos from product photo-shoots to make a powerful photo video using an AI photo video maker

Steve AI is a tool that works in all these cases and much more! 

So, how to make a product video? All you need are 4 simple steps 

1. Login

2. Enter script (or choose from our popular script library!)

3. Customize the visuals, music, text layout and much more in a single click

4. Download the video!

Here is a walkthrough of the simple procedure for a specific type of video from our famous Miss J! Watch it now and start creating your own amazing videos in minutes with your AI assistant Steve!

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