6 AI-powered social media content creation tools

6 AI-powered social media content creation tools

by shravya | 25 Aug 2022 | 1 comment

The two of them come from completely different worlds. Professionally speaking, one is a people’s person while the other is found in the company of machines. It is certainly not a match that many predicted and is not a combination that can be easily imagined. But, like all great stories, they have now come together to do some epic stuff!

Who are they? Marketing and AI!

The future of Marketing ft. AI

Stats from a Salesforce Research report (you can find more such numbers here) say that the use of AI by marketers has raced from 29% in 2018 to 84% in 2020! And, the steep rise continues as we see more and more marketing strategies being augmented by the power of AI. From generating text content, SEO research, and predicting trends to even producing full-fledged videos, AI has powered tools that empower marketers and content creators to delegate rote work and improve their efficiency and creative bandwidth multifold.

More specifically, when it comes to social media marketing where producing relevant, consistent content is the very basis of successful strategy, the use of AI tool saves precious time and resources and makes the job easier for the team.

In this blog, we have listed down some of the best AI tools for social media marketing that help in two important areas – creating content/copy and making video. So, here we go!

Copy generating AI tools-

a) Jasper

Jasper is one of the top content generating tools for social media, webiste and marketing alike with support for over 25 languages. You can use it to create content, enhance your copy, optimize it for keywords and also generate new ideas. It has platform specific templates that generate appropriate content. All you have to do is enter details to set the context like what your current topic is, how do you want the tone to be, etc and amazing content is generated for you by the AI. You can also use the Boss Mode and feed the content of multiple social media posts for the AI to analyse and generate more content on the same lines.

This is a paid tool with monthly subscriptions of $29 and $59 per month. It also has yearly subrsciption options.

b) StoryChief

StoryChief is a great AI content creation tool when it comes to writing blog posts with AI. It helps content creators write original, high-quality articles fast, collaborate with your content marketing team and distribute and publish to 100+ destinations and integrations in one integrated all-in-one content marketing platform. Plans start from $50/month for individual users up to $220/month for marketing agencies and bigger teams.

c) Ocoya

This is a very popular tool that is more social media focussed than other ones. It supports 26 languages and generates versatile “building blocks” of content that you can use on various social media platforms. It also lets’s you import inventory from Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc to create promotional content easily. This tool also has a God Mode, which is similar to Jasper’s Boss Mode that let’s the AI analyse what kind of content is needed and create the same. It also offers a Creator Studio feature to generate visual content like images and video clips with relevant hashtags and captions

The pricing package starts from $59 a month. There is also a business plan for $149 and agency plan for $1099 for larger organizations.

d) Rytr

Rytr is also a great tool to generate post and caption copy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It supports 30+ use cases and 20+ tones. You can also give custom instructions with the Magic Command feature to create your own use-cases other than the templates that the tool provides us with. Rytr can be added as a Chrome extension and this makes it a breeze to create content on the go.

Rytr has a free plan with limited features and paid monthly plans at $9 and $29, respectively.

Now that we have the text content sorted with the above tools, let’s look at some great AI tools that convert text to video!

Video making AI tools-

a) Steve AI

This one is an amazing tool that turns your script into stunning videos in minutes with the power of AI. It is rich with features such as relevant templates, a great script library for common use cases that you can choose from in case you don’t have your script written yet, easy customization options, and let’s you directly share your video onto social media platforms easily. Along with music, you can also add custom voice-overs, whether AI-generated ones or your own recordings to the videos. The tool also let’s you turn blog posts into videos by simply copy pasting the blog’s content on your dashboard. What’s more? There is also a voice to video features coming very soon to turn your podcasts, webinars, or simply voice overs into solid videos. The highlight though is that the tool, along with live action videos, can also create animation videos from your script!

Steve AI is quite affordable and had a free version too. The basic, starter and pro versions come at a monthly $9, $30, and $40 , respectively. You can also opt for a custom plan as per your needs.

b) Lumen5

Lumen5 is another great tool that lets you create and edit live-action videos easily. The templates and customizations that the tool offers are great for marketing and social media use cases and blog-to-video conversion. The tool has a great library of photos and videos that make customization seamless and also branding support to add your own logos, intros and outros as per your choice.

Lumen5 offers a free version. The paid versions come at $59 and $149 for Starter and Professional monthly packages, respectively. They also offer a custom package.

c) Pictory

Pictory is a super-cool tool that let’s you go from text to video in minutes. It can also create video highlights, add captions automatically, auto summarize long videos and turn blog posts into videos. It has an extensive library of images, video clips and music for easy customization and offers the option to edit videos such as webinars by editing the text.

Pictory offers a free trial plan, to begin with. You can go on to subscribe to their Standard or Premium monthly plans at $19 and $39 , respectively. They also offer a custom Enterprise plan.

d) Typeframes

Typeframes is a great alternative for indie hackers and small marketing teams to create videos from text. They offer simple AI tools like their Tweet to Video AI feature to make trending social media videos from the viral tweet with just a few clicks of a button. In the easy to use interface you can add slides, add text, select background music or an AI voice over and export and download the video easily. 

Bonus tool suggestion:

Since a lot of content for social media is also created in the images/post format. Here is a really cool  – Dall.E. This is a really cool tool that uses AI to create an image for you with just text prompts! For example – just describe the image you want by giving “a boat that looks like a carrot” and that AI generates just that image/illustration for you! Try it out! Free Logo Creator is another cool graphic design tool that you can especially use to create logo designs and other brand materials. It’s an AI-powered logo design tool that is handy for startups and small businesses that can’t afford hefty designer fees. It also allows you to customize the logo — make changes to its shape, and color, draw more things, explore fonts, and just have fun while also getting a professional logo for your business.

So, now that you have this whole bunch of AI tools to assist you in creating amazing content, you can simply summon the right ones as per your current requirement and get going!. If you find it challenging to create social media content, feel free to get professional help and hire a social media expert . One tip, from content creator to content creator, pick your tools wisely and don’t try to produce all different kinds of content with just one tool. Each tool has its USP that is unbeatable, for example – Steve AI is the absolute go-to tool when you want script-to-animation videos. Leverage the strengths of the tools and you’ll be making the best of technology, creativity and quality!

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