5 Faceless Video-making Ideas For Camera-shy People

5 Faceless Video-making Ideas For Camera-shy People

by Kaviyakavi Baskaran | 17 Oct 2023 |

If you Google for social media ideas, you’ll be bombarded with ideas to create videos. And then, a bunch of blue links with statistics that tell you why videos are the must-haves in your social media strategy (like this one :P). 

As someone who has been handling multiple accounts on social media for clients since 2020, I know one thing: If you’re searching for Faceless Video-making Ideas, then by now, you’ll know the importance of videos on social media. 

So, let me not bore you further with statistics but dive right into the faceless video-making ideas.

TL;DR for the skimmers:

1. Animation videos

2. AI Text-to-Videos

3. Voice-over narration

4. Screen recording videos

5. ASMR Videos

These videos can give you the headstart of creating some easy and quick faceless videos. 

1. Animation Videos

Animation videos are for the ones who have a knack for video storytelling. With tools like Steve, you can create animated videos that tell the story of your journey or your product, with a pep of color and actions. 

In the video shown below, you can see how a boring presentation can be converted into a stunning video. 

As a Social Media Marketer, I can tell you that Animation videos are the best way to start your distribution strategy. You can easily convert your podcast, YouTube videos, presentations, and tutorials into Animated videos. 

All you need:

  • Idea on the type of video you have to create
  • Scene-based animation tool—which makes it easy to create animated videos

Ideas you can throw in with animated videos are:

1. Book/movie summaries

2. Product journeys

3. Explainer videos (This is THE big hit)

4. Industry forecasts

5. Goodwill or CSR videos

There are endless ideas that can be converted to create animation videos.

2. AI Text-To-Video Creation

Although the video in the end does not look like it was created by an AI tool, the efforts that go behind the scenes make a huge difference.

With AI text-to-video tools like Steve, you can create videos in just a few seconds. 

You can choose the type of video (live-action or animation), select the dimension of the video and category, and give it a title. 

Then, you can either write a script for the video scene by scene by yourself, import an entire blog, or just use a page’s URL. 

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You can edit these videos anytime you want and then you can directly post on socials. 

The result will look like this:

The best part about the AI Text-to-Video makers is that it feels like you’re working with a sidekick who has reduced the work time by half. 

The types of faceless videos you can create using an AI video tool is quite a list:

1. Travelogs/travel guides

2. Experiments

3. Cosmic theories 

4. Product explainer videos

5. Sale/promotional videos

6. Tips/checklist videos

7. Funny GIFs/memes

8. Documentary videos etc,

3. Voice-Over Narration

When we say voice-over narration, if the opening scene of The Lord of the Rings or Jon McEnroe’s narration in Never Have I Ever, comes to your mind…

Well, that’s not completely off the script. 

In social media videos also, you can pick the voice-over narration technique. Except that you don’t actually need a celebrity narrator.

  • Write a script. 
  • Add a few stock video footage
  • Choose a voice-over narration

The result will look something like this:

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In the video mentioned above, you can find that the focus is only on the camera and the person pointing their fingers at the camera’s functionalities and making it match with the narration. 

That’s it. It’s quite simple. 

You can add voice-over narration for concepts like:

1. Inspirational quotes

2. A Day in Your Life video

3. Vlogging types

4. Product unboxing, etc.

But if you’re still shy, that you don’t want to use your own voiceover, then you make use of the Animaker Voice.

4. Screen Recording Videos

As far as faceless videos exist, screen-recording videos will be one of the no-brainer answers. These are time and cost-effective. 

Here are some ideas you can throw in with screen recording videos:

1. Product tutorial videos

2. Gaming videos

3. Product reviews/tours

4. Live streaming videos

5. Video memes, etc.

Screen recording videos attract the audience’s attention and are mostly information-heavy.

To create screen recording videos, all you need is:

  • An Idea and a script for the video
  • A reliable screen recorder

Screen recorders like Vmaker allow you to record the microphone and internal audio while capturing the screen without any hiccups. 

The screen-only mode on Vmaker allows you to record the screen in any dimension you want. You can select a part of the screen or record the entire screen, as per your requirement for the social media video. 

For example

You can create quick and captivating screen recording videos like this in just a few minutes.

5. ASMR Videos

If you use at least one social media platform, then you might’ve come across many ASMR videos like this one: 

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According to the reports, there are 5.2 Million videos on YouTube that are ASMR videos and they garner over 16 Million views. 

Although views and shares of the videos were considered vanity metrics, they enable you to reach the audience you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. 

But, what sets ASMR videos apart is that you can pick any niche—lifestyle, fashion, tech, productivity, or anything under the Sun and there will be an array of videos you can create.

Some ideas to easily create faceless ASMR videos:

1. Organizing your work desk/wardrobe

2. Keyboard marathon ASMR

3. Cooking videos

4. Drawing art

5. A day in the office videos, etc.

To wrap up…

No matter which niche you’re working on, creating faceless videos need not be difficult. When you find it difficult to crack the code, skim through the idea sections of this blog, and you’ll be covered.

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