Video Memes are taking over Instagram and you can make them with AI now!

Video Memes are taking over Instagram and you can make them with AI now!

by admin | 12 Nov 2022 |

Remember those owl-delivered newspapers in Harry Potter with the moving images? Well, the Potterhead in us thinks those were the predecessors to video memes! But, the muggle world says video meme (at least the first viral one) was made around 25 years back famously with the dancing-baby video.

What are these video memes?

Well, video memes are short, often funny, entertaining videos that are usually posted on social media platforms and blogs to convey a relatable message or simply to elicit a good chuckle.

These video memes often go viral and many become trending meme templates that others use to get a slice of all that audience engagement and attention. 

So, what works for video memes and makes them these potent engagement vehicles? Let’s see:

-They are short and hence are perfect for capturing the decreasing attention spans of the audiences in a sea of content competing for attention.

-They tell a story instantly at the first glance, whereas with longer video content one would have to watch multiple scenes to understand the communication.

-Really good memes, most of the time, are either relatable or novel. This makes them more prone to be shared by people with others, creating good potential for them to go viral.

-They condense complex context into simple communications with the help of popular references.

-They are easy to make! And, we’ll see just how in just a bit.

From a brand’s perspective, video memes are great tools to set a friendly, fun, accessible tone for your business on social media and other platforms. In other words, it’s the passage to earn the ‘cool’ tag (only if the video memes are good though, so put your thinking caps on!).

Given that you have a fantastic meme idea, let’s talk about actually making the video memes. There are many ways to make them and the tools you use also depend on whether you are using an already popular template or are creating a new meme. 

For either of these cases, you can create a video meme in not minutes but SECONDS with AI! Let us see how Steve, your AI assistant, can help you make memes before you bat an eyelid!

Step 1

Login to Steve with your e-mail id and select Create. In the Live Video section, select the dimension of the video according to the platform you want to post the meme on. For Instagram it is best to choose the vertical dimensions.

Step 2

In the script page, type in the lines that you want to appear on the meme. Enter a context keyword in the bottom-left corner to tell the AI what your meme is about.

Click Next.

Step 3

Select the layout for the video meme.

A draft of your video meme is now ready. If you want to use a template that is already trending, download the video template and click on Swap. Then, go to the Upload section and upload the template to add it to the video. Your meme is ready!

If you want to create an original meme, simply review the visual chosen by the AI. If you are not satisfied, click on Swap and search for a better visual in an instant to add to the video. Your original meme is now ready!

Step 4

Click on Publish and download the meme to be shared!

You could also add music, your own or from the media libraries, to the meme if required and really experiment with so much from the rich visual and sound media libraries. The syncing, rendering and presentation are all taken care of by the AI to let you be as creative as you want!

So, go on and create lots of video memes! The best part is that video memes are as much fun to create as they are to consume, especially with tools like Steve!

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