Two Awards and One Big Group Hug – A Note of Gratitude from Team Steve

Two Awards and One Big Group Hug – A Note of Gratitude from Team Steve

by admin | 20 Oct 2022 |

The MSME India Business Convention & Tech India Transformation Awards 2022 celebrated the best names and the most innovative solutions in the Indian business world this year. With eminent speakers, jury, industry leaders participating and amazing micro, small and medium businesses nominated for various categories, the event brought together a phenomenal community and was big in every way.

For us, the biggest part of this event was of course our fantastic streak of winning not one but two awards! Yes, Steve AI won the Most Innovative AI Solution award and our dashing CEO Raghavan won the Techpreneur of the Year award! Group hug time!

With the nominations and the contest for the awards becoming more and more competitive every year, bagging the two awards has been a big shot in the arm for our entire team of hardworking rock stars. We were selected from over 2000 applications and recognized for the innovation and consistent efforts at creating technology that changed the way videos are made and our entire organization is filled with gratitude for the honour.

Especially with Steve being one of Animaker’s youngest products, winning the innovation award is a big inspiration for the team. It works that way with products in the early stages, isn’t it? The awards and recognition at this level matter so much more and drive us to work that much harder to up our pace! It offers hope that we are indeed on the right track and that the painstakingly built solutions are actually creating value or showing potential. 

It is also great news for the user community of Steve AI that their favourite video maker has won accolades. Our community has stood by us, given feedback, supported us and given us so much love right from the beginning and the win feels like one for the community as well!

One of the effects of the award has been the addition of a lot more people to the user community through more brand awareness and word of mouth. So, as we celebrate the awards and put our heads together to go forward faster and bigger, we welcome new members to the big virtual group hugs that the celebrations have sparked. Join in!

It is a great time to be part of Steve. And, we promise we are only going to be making it greater going forward, innovating for solutions that help all of the creative minds! Thank you once again to our community, our pillar of a CEO and of course the team. 

Cheers to the great times ahead!

Here are some pictures from the amazing night:

Steve AI Awards
Steve AI Awards
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