5 Pro Tips to Create Educational Videos with AI

5 Pro Tips to Create Educational Videos with AI

by admin | 08 Mar 2023 |

The COVID pandemic changed the world in a lot of different ways. And, that is an extensive topic with many many layers to it. However, talking about something that is relevant to the video eco-system, one thing that definitely changed is that digital video consumption skyrocketed. 

More specifically, 58% of respondents in a content consumption survey said that they used digital video to learn new skills. Clearly, while videos have always been used for more than just entertainment, educational videos are very important tools for a wide range of content creators to connect and deliver value to their audiences.

Now, the challenge with this is that the expertise to create great educational content is possessed by educators and not necessarily content creators. How then can a subject matter expert create educational videos that the audiences can consume and learn from? Well, that is where AI puts the pieces together and bridges the gap. 

With a tool like Steve that turns script to video, content creation becomes simple and more of the creative aspect rather than the technicalities of video creation.

So, where does one start? How can one ensure that educational videos created using AI are engaging, wholesome and of high-quality? Here are some tips.

Zero down on your audience and set the direction

The best way to approach content creation is to clearly define who your audience is first. Understand who you are talking to through your content, what is their expectation and what their persona is. The more you analyze your potential audience, the better you can tailor your content to them. 

A great script is half the job done

Once you have your target audience defined, you can now jot down ideas for the videos at the intersection of your subject matter expertise and the audience expectations. And, the next step is to start writing the script for the videos. Points to keep in mind – Keep the structure of the script simple, keep the length short and add a little peek of the most valuable piece of content in the beginning of the script.

Define a good, consistent visual language

Visualize the kind of visuals you want for your video and maintain a standard visual tone to really connect with your audiences at the get-go. The visual language should also be consistent to the kind of content you are creating or the topic of your educational video. This includes color themes, animated or live-action visuals, text layout, presentation format, etc. You can narrow down your choices by going back to what the preferences of your audience may be and what would help them learn better through your videos.

Choose the best stack of tools for content production

Creating videos from scratch is a cumbersome process. Using AI tools makes it utterly convenient, especially with the number of options available to choose from! You can stack multiple tools for every step too. For example – You can use a tool like ChatGPT to generate a script for your video, and append it with a tool like Steve to convert that script to a video!

Add unique elements to the video to stand out

There are tons of educational videos out there and to set yours apart, the most striking way is to differentiate through the visuals. You can choose to create animated videos using AI tools, add elements of humor through gifs or memes to your content or create your own images using AI tools like DALL-E as well.

So, get started with your educational video and make the best of AI tools to delegate the technicalities while you focus on knowledge-sharing and creative ideas. It is the best time to be creating informative, educative content. Join the squad and share your valuable knowledge with a wide range of learners.

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