Steve’s Animation Videos Helped 2x the Audience Engagement – says a Seasoned Digital Marketing Leader

Steve’s Animation Videos Helped 2x the Audience Engagement – says a Seasoned Digital Marketing Leader

by shravya | 26 Sep 2022 |

So, here’s a POV – People today have ‘Goldfish attention spans’, the digital universe is oversaturated with content that is bombarding us every second, yet as marketers, we want to tell a story to our audiences while holding their full attention!

Challenge identified

A lot is talked about video as a solution to this. It is said to be the best format to engage audiences, hold their attention relatively longer, while also propelling growth for content creators on social media platforms that have increasingly video-driven algorithms.

However, talk to video creators and they will tell you just how challenging it is to create consistent, high-quality, creative video content that looks fresh and really captivates audiences. Some of the main issues with video creation are:

  • Constantly generating creative ideas for videos – Creativity is a river that keeps flowing, they say. But hey, it dries up sometimes and that’s the reality. Being able to keep consistently creating content might look different to different people but figuring that out is a big part of a video creator’s job. 
  • Creating videos in as short a time as possible and with as little cost – This is key since taking too long for a single video means your ability to produce regular, consistent content is compromised, not to mention the ‘moment’ trends pass quickly in case you are trying to leverage that. And, when it comes to resources, the lesser you spend on video production, the more your potential ROI is and the more you have the bandwidth to produce.
  • Ensuring that your videos aren’t monotonous – This is an underrated challenge but is very real. Especially when a lot of video content is driven by trends, it is a tightrope to walk when you have to leverage trends while also ensuring that your content stands out amidst a sea of lookalike content.

Now, while the first challenge is related to something that comes from personal creative abilities, brainstorming and experience, the other two challenges are things that Steve AI can help with to a great extent!

Don’t take our word for it.

We spoke to a user of Steve AI about his experience and he actually solved a lot of these challenges using Steve AI for his digital marketing agency.

Testimonial from Hermes, a Seasoned Digital Marketer

Hermes is a digital marketer from Arashi Tech, New Zealand. He has been helping a number of clients create engaging digital campaigns and advertising that drive growth, sales and brand establishment.

He too has faced a lot of the issues and challenges discussed earlier in this article and was actively looking for a solution. 

And then, in his words – “Steve AI come (came) in good timing.”

He also spoke to us about how people are bored of stock footage that is used in a lot of videos today and that animated videos are the perfect antidote. Animation is fresh, visually appealing, engaging and with Steve AI it is also very easy to create!

By creating animation videos with Steve AI, Hermes has been able to give his clients exactly what they want – great results!

He says that his clients love animation videos and that the feedback from ad campaigns confirms that the audiences of his clients love animated videos even more!

Here are the important numbers that reflect the exact growth achieved by Hermes and his team with animation videos made using Steve AI:

They used the tool to create strategic animation videos for 3 clients

They noticed 2x growth in engagement rates and consequently conversions!

All this happened between 2 to 3 months of them discovering the tool!

Our team at Steve AI took a moment to hi-five each other when we got this testimonial from Hermes. But, only one moment though, because we are working really hard to make Steve AI more efficient, easier to use, more intuitive to customization, have access to larger libraries of assets and much more intelligent too! 

Bottomline – Animated content is amazing and it is super-easy and effective to create with Steve AI. And of course, it only going to get easier and more convenient to create animated content with Steve AI.

Just like Hermes, we have a growing number of users who are driving exponential audience engagement and overall marketing success by simply delegating video production to Steve AI. 

We welcome you to join the tribe too.

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