Share your 4th of July memories with a video

Share your 4th of July memories with a video

by shravya | 25 Aug 2022 |

Google says that the first-ever photograph that we know of was reportedly taken some time around 1826. What a piece of sorcery it must have looked like! A moment of time frozen for people to visit whenever they wanted. Dare we say it is almost time travel? Well, photographs do make us feel that way, like we are back to the moment that we wanted to preserve forever.

Photos photos everywhere……and we can make every good one count!

Today, photos are inseparable parts of our lives. Especially when it comes to happy moments, celebrations and milestones, it is almost a no-brainer that we click a quick pic to keep that happy moment alive.

And, in that list of joyful moments, one celebration that is cherished by the majority of people living in the United States of America is the 4th of July. It is usually all about families getting together, celebration of freedom, brilliant firecracker spectacles and of course, tonnes of photos!

But hey, are photos enough to capture the joy and warmth of all that magic? Listen closely to those photo dumps in your gallery, they are asking you to piece them into a movie that brings the spirit of the 4th of July every time you hit play!

Good news: You can now make that photo video in under 10 mins with Steve AI!

This AI powered video maker does all the hard work and let’s you customize your video easily. Here are the simple steps that will transform your photos and little video clips into heart-warming movies!

  • Login to Steve AI
  • Select a template you love from a library of over 100
  • Upload your favourite photos and clips on your dashboard
  • Add music, voice-overs and text, choose your favorite colours
  • Annnnd when you are done with the customization, save and share in a click!

Here’s a video we made in just 4 minutes!

Have you made yours yet?

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