Script to YouTube Video in Under 5 minutes with AI

Script to YouTube Video in Under 5 minutes with AI

by admin | 13 Feb 2023 |

YouTube has been one of the fastest-growing digital platforms in the last decade. It has catalyzed the creator economy like nothing else and is one of the most popular platforms for content creation and consumption. 

Did you know? The global number of Youtube users was forecast to continuously increase between 2022 and 2028 by a total of 346 million users! Clearly, it continues to be a great time for anyone with an interest in content creation to strategically include YouTube in their plans.

But, while YouTube content is synonymous with video content, content creation itself is multi-faceted. Different creators have different skillsets and video creation might not always be one of those. So then, how does one create content for YouTube in such cases? Should you hire a video editor, a video producer or animator? Well, you could do that and spend a bomb on resources or hire your own video making AI at a fraction of the cost or even for free!

There are a number of AI tools available that can help you create stunning videos for your YouTube channel, even if you have no video editing or animation experience. For example, you can use AI to create:

1. Intro and outro videos

2. Logo for Youtube Channels

3. Promotional videos

4. Educational videos

5. Product demos

And more!

With AI tools like Steve, video creation is more accessible than ever to literally everyone! Whether your strong suit is scriptwriting, content ideation, creative direction or anything other than video creation, you can turn your content into video gold with Steve.

This tool takes you from script to YouTube video in minutes and requires minimal intervention. It is as simple as -> Enter script, review, edit if required, download!

Here is an example of creating an explainer video for YouTube from just the script as Steve does all the hard work of video production. 

What are Script-to-Video Tools? 

Script-to-Video tools are powerful AI-powered platforms that turn your written scripts into engaging videos in minutes. Here’s the magic behind them:

  1. Feed your script: Simply paste your existing script or use the built-in AI writing assistants some tools offer to craft your message.
  2. AI picks the perfect visuals: Forget searching stock footage libraries. The AI engine intelligently searches vast databases to find images, video clips, and music that perfectly complement your script’s narrative.
  3. Voiceover and polish: Some tools offer AI-generated narration, while others allow you to record your own voiceover. They even handle adding titles, transitions, and effects for a polished look.

The result? 

A high-quality video that effectively conveys your message, all without the hassle of traditional video production.

Want to turn your scripts into stunning videos? 

Visit Steve AI today and experience the power of script-to-video technology!

Steps to create Youtube video in under 5 minutes with Steve AI

Step 1

Login to Steve.AI using your e-mail id. 

You will now see your dashboard where you can begin creating your video with AI.

Step 2

You can choose between live action visuals and animated visuals at this stage. 

Let us choose the Live section and click on the Start button in the Script to Live video section.

Script to Video

Step 3

Now, you are at the Script page where you can simply copy-paste your script and the AI divides it into scenes. You can also choose from our library of over 200+ popular script templates and tweak the content on the scenes. Let us choose from a script template for explainer video here.

Explainer Video

Once script is sorted, select the options you need such as music, voice-over, visual source as per your plan subscription, etc. Most importantly, enter the most relevant keyword for your video content to help AI understand the overall context better. 

Script to Video

Click on Next. 

Step 4

You can now see a set of video templates to choose from, click on the one you like and voila! The AI creates your video from the script in less than a minute!

On your Workspace, you can review each scene and customize colours, scene length, add/delete scenes, and so much more with the options on the side of your scenes! You can also add your own music tracks by clicking on the Audio section at the bottom. 

Youtube Video Making

If you wish to change the visuals of your scene, you can simple click on Swap and search from millions of media assets to choose the exact visual you want. You can also upload your own visuals for some scenes.

Create Youtube Video

Step 5

Once you have made the required changes, if any, hit Publish and Steve will take you to the download page. Here, you can preview the full video one more time and click on Download.

Sit back and watch Steve completely take care of rendering and finishing the video. You will get your final high-quality video in a few minutes that you can share on YouTube! 

This is truly the best of AI and human creativity coming together, isn’t it? So, have you put your AI video making assistant to work yet?

The Story of Steve AI begins with you