Human Vs AI’s Next Experiment: Recreating An Apple Video

Human Vs AI’s Next Experiment: Recreating An Apple Video

by admin | 18 Apr 2023 |

Human Vs AI has been a super exciting campaign for us here in Team Steve. Right from when we first ideated on the concept of recreating popular ads, to exploring crazy (almost impossible) ideas and finally bringing our first video out, we had an amazing journey!

And, our first video of the series – The Budweiser Ad recreation, was loved by the Steve user community, AI enthusiasts and content creators alike. 

For our next video, we went in search of diverse use-cases to explore and we zeroed down on one of our biggest inspirations when it comes to tech brand content – Apple!

Apple is, in many ways, the OG tech brand that brought functionality and the art of storytelling together like never before. Their design philosophy, their vision, the personality of their founder, their connection with the user community, the whole Apple experience… is all part of a really strong narrative that feeds into the brand that Apple is.

While Apple has some amazing videos across its channels, the video we chose for Human Vs AI is a format that is one of the most popular ones for any tech brand – An explainer video!

From Apple’s “Open” campaign, we picked this beautiful, impactful video that spoke about the very pertinent topic of Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace. And with just the script of the original video in our hands, our experiment began!

Here’s how that went-

Wasn’t that amazing? Let’s delve deeper into the different aspects of AI videomaking that we observed in this experiment:

1. The time comparison between human-made video and AI-made video was drastic. AI reduced the turn-around-time of going from script to final video to minutes whereas conventionally we need several weeks to create a video from scratch. 

2. AI automates a lot of heavy-duty steps in videomaking like storyboarding, finding actors, shooting, editing and audio track syncing. For this video, we used the original audio track from Apple’s video that has a voice-over included. But, in other cases, even pre-synced voice-overs can be generated by AI, in multiple languages no less!

3. While Apple’s D&I-focussed video rightfully consisted of people from diverse backgrounds, our AI tool offered so much more diversity of visuals in comparison. We could include many more nuances of being a diverse human-kind through the extensive media library that is integrated into Steve.

4. As an extension to the previous point, the visuals in our AI video showed much more creative expression in many scenes.

For example, this scene where the script is talking about what an open mind can do, Steve’s selection of visuals is strong and layered with meaning. It doesn’t take away from the fact that the human choice of visuals are amazing too, but with AI, there are exponentially more options.

Apple DIY Explainer Video
AI Video Making

5. Although the cost of video making is quite dependent on whether it is done in-house, given to an agency, a freelancer or any other specialist, AI-made videos definitely cost much lesser than any of the conventional options. For this video, a Steve plan of $80 was utilized and there was no other additional charge that incurred.

On the whole, it was super cool to recreate the video content of a brand that has been our inspiration since the beginning. Apple’s original video is definitely unique to the brand. But, for businesses that want to elevate their storytelling just like Apple but cannot allocate huge budgets, AI tools like Steve are the perfect choices. Without compromising on the quality or the storyline, AI let’s you optimize your content creation like never before and this has been reiterated with our latest Human Vs AI video too.

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