Human Vs AI: Nike’s Rise of the Kids Video Reinvented

Human Vs AI: Nike’s Rise of the Kids Video Reinvented

by Bhuvanesh | 26 Sep 2023 |

The Human Vs AI campaign is back, and this time, we have taken it to the next level.

Now that we’ve successfully completed both the Apple and Budweiser campaigns, we’re thrilled to introduce our third installment of the “Human Vs AI” campaign. 

This journey has been nothing short of exhilarating for the Steve team, from the initial concept discussions to recreating renowned ads.

Our first two videos in this series, where we remade the Budweiser and Apple ads, were loved by Steve users, the AI community, and people who create videos.

Now, for our third video, we have gone head-to-head with another giant – Nike

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Nike is one of the most iconic brands in the world, known for its inspiring and innovative campaigns. 

One of their recent ads, titled “Rise of the Kids,” showcases the creativity and passion of young athletes from across the Middle East and challenges the common misconceptions that parents have about physical activity. 

The ad features stunning visuals, dynamic editing, and a catchy soundtrack that captures the spirit of the kids and their love for sport.

We have chosen to recreate this Nike video using Steve.AI for our latest Human vs AI campaign

And we think the result is pretty impressive. Watch it for yourself.

How did we do it?

We recreated the above Nike video by following the below steps.

Step 1: We uploaded the original video file of the Nike ad to Steve using the “Voice to Video” feature.

Steve.AI App

Step 2: Steve transcribed the audio from the original ad and created a script based on it. We made some slight modifications to the script.

Step 3: We then inserted relevant keywords into the script, and we did not select the voice-over or music since we had our own voice-over.

Step 4: Steve generates the first version of the video, incorporating relevant visuals that support the script.

Step 5: We then uploaded the audio file from the original video to ensure synchronization with the visuals.

Step 6: We made some necessary replacements of images and videos to enhance the visual impact and relevance.

AI Video Making with relevant Images

Step 7: This is a crucial step. We trimmed the video by selecting the right timeline and adjusted scene durations to synchronize the visuals with the original audio perfectly. This ensures a seamless viewing experience.

AI Video Making

Step 8:  We hide the text elements in all slides.

Human VS AI Nike Video Recreation

Step 9: The video is ready for preview, we checked whether all the elements were in place. 

​​The result?

A stunning video that looks almost identical to the original Nike- Rise of the Kids ad. We were amazed by how well Steve.AI captured the essence and message of the ad and how it replicated the visual style and quality of the original. The video is engaging, inspiring, and fun to watch, just like the original.

But don’t take our word for it. You watched the above video yourself, and now tell us if you can tell the difference between the human-made and AI-made versions.

The Usual Challenges

One of the challenges that many face is creating videos in different languages for different audiences. Steve.AI solves this problem by offering multilingual options that allow you to generate videos in any language you want. 

You can simply write your script, and then you can choose from a variety of voice-over options or add subtitles to your video.

With Steve.AI, you can create videos in six languages: English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish.

Multi Language Video Maker

Another challenge that many come across is finding high-quality media assets that suit their needs. Steve.AI now has a vast range of media assets that you can choose from, including images, videos, music, sound effects, animations, etc. 

You can also check out Steve.AI’s library to create diverse images using AI. 

For example, you can generate images of people with different ethnicities, ages, genders, expressions, poses, etc.


Our journey of recreating iconic videos like Apple, Budweiser, and now, Nike- The Rise of Kids has highlighted the power of both human creativity and the use of AI tools like Steve.AI. 

AI enables us to optimize content creation efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising quality. You can create such high-budget human-made videos with Steve.AI within minutes and at a lower budget (mention price)

As we continue this series, including our successful completion of the third campaign, “Nike – Rise of Kids,” we’d love to hear your thoughts on the video. 

What’s holding you back from recreating your very own iconic ad? If you’d like for us to tackle another epic brand video, do let us know your ideas through

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