How to use free video ad maker without a watermark to create stunning promo videos

How to use free video ad maker without a watermark to create stunning promo videos

by shravya | 27 Sep 2022 |

As much as we love our favourite brands and products, we all do love well-made, creative promo videos too, don’t we?! Think Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola and all those cool videos that turned their many users (and interestingly even non-users) to fans of their story-telling and content. Amazing, right?

The power of good promotional or advertising videos is huge and the best part os that any brand can leverage this. All you need is creative ideas and great videomaking (well, that’s now practically taken care of, but we’ll come to it in just a bit!) to make videos that speak your brand’s language and convey the exact value that you offer.

Promo videos deliver targeted communication to a wide audience

Promo videos are a very important part of marketing strategies. They are to-the-point communication pieces that convey something specific about the business and convey the value of a business/products/offers to the audiences.

It is a great way for businesses to find the right customers and end-users to know exactly what a business/product offers. It is basically a win-win!

Creating a watermark free promo video in minutes with Steve AI

Now, getting into making amazing ad videos for your business, we saw that the two major things are the creative ideas and the videomaking. While you brainstorm really cool ideas, we created Steve AI, a free video ad maker, to completely take care of the videomaking. That’s right, completely!

You can go from script to video within minutes and what’s more? Steve AI makes these videos with stunning, high-quality visuals that are also watermark free!

Let us go through the step by step guide to making these videos in just a few click:

Step 1

Login to Steve AI and you will see your dashboard. Here, select the Live tab and click on script to video.

Step 2

Select from our pre-loaded script templates or enter your own script for the promo video. Give a keyword related to the video to help AI understand the context better. Select music and voiceover as required.

Select the image source as per the plan you have registered for.

Step 3

Select the video layout template. And in less than 10 seconds, your video is ready!

Play the video and swap the visuals in a single click. You can choose to edit the character (both human and animal), the expressions, the placement of animation, the animated elements, etc from a huge library.

Step 4

Once the customization is done, click on Publish and sit back as Steve AI renders the final video for you in a few minutes. Finally, download the watermark-free video and the job is done!

Here’s our little attempt at making a great promotional ad video –

Go on, create amazing ad videos in a fraction of the time and resources that you might spend on videomaking without the assistance of Steve AI!

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