How to use AI-powered Marketing Video Maker to fuel brand growth

How to use AI-powered Marketing Video Maker to fuel brand growth

by shravya | 12 Oct 2022 |

It is no secret that marketing is a highly volatile, rapidly evolving aspect of business. However, from Egyptians writing sales messages on clay tablets to modern day print marketing to social media marketing, the modes of communication to bring a message from business to users has been constantly influenced by two major things:

-User preferences and attention

-Technological advancements

In the present day, with large numbers of users on social media, websites and generally accessible most in the digital world, the forms of communication are directed to make the most of that. Specifically, videos engage users more effectively and become almost like personal experiences that grab attention too. 

51% of marketers have stated that video marketing is a sure shot strategy to increase markering ROI.

Video marketing is also shown to increase revenue 49% faster compared to other types of marketing. Those are some big numbers and there is no doubt that video is one of the major assets for marketers today.

Going back to the two things that influence marketing, user preferences seems to be aligned with video. However, are video marketing campaigns really leveraging the technological facilities available today?

With video production turning out to be expensive as well as time-consuming, the overall ROI is not optimized to what is really possible with the tools in our hands today, specifically AI tools. Sure, there are concept-heavy videos that definitely do require human effort but this might not be the case for every video in a campaign and that is where there is room for optimization – For example, an AI-powered marketing video maker!

With Steve AI, everything from the selection of visuals, music and voice-over to scene division and rendering is taken care of by AI, that too in 4k quality! It takes you from script to video in minutes and is a free tool. Even its most advanced paid versions cost a fraction of what it takes for conventional video production. Naturally, it boosts ROI greatly by bringing down costs and time taken.

So, how does one work with such AI tools to optimize video making? Here are the simple steps to create a video with Steve:

Step 1

Login to Steve AI, select the Live/Animation tab on your dashboard and click on Script to Video. For this example, let us select the Live tab.

Step 2

Enter your video script in the script section where the AI also divides the content into scenes. Edit as required, ensure that the script is concise, clear and has a good story flow. 

You can also choose from our script library which has hundreds of popular script templates to help you start off.

Image 1 4

Give a keyword related to the video to help AI understand the context better. Select music, voiceover and image source as required once you have finalized your script.

Image 2 5

Step 3

Select the video layout template. And in less than 10 seconds, your video draft is ready!

Go through the scenes and swap the visuals in a single click wherever required. You can also choose to edit the colour palette, scene timings, music, voice-over, scene scale, etc by just clicking on the corresponding menu options.

Image 3 6

Step 4

Once the customization is done, click on Publish and sit back as Steve AI renders the final video for you in a few minutes. It really is that easy!

So, have you started working with your very own AI video-making assistant yet? What are you waiting for?

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