How to use AI Corporate Video to Educate and Inform your Customers 

How to use AI Corporate Video to Educate and Inform your Customers 

by Bhuvanesh | 16 Sep 2023 |

Corporate videos are the superhero capes of the business world! 

They educate, inform, and dazzle customers about your products, services, and brand. They can help you showcase your value proposition, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust with your audience. 

But let’s face it, creating a captivating corporate video can be a challenge, especially if you want to keep it updated with the latest information about your company, products, services, and brand. 

That’s where AI steps in as the ultimate advantage compared to traditional tools.

You don’t want to spend hours or days editing and revising your video every time something changes. That’s why you need an AI video creation tool that can help you create stunning videos in minutes using the power of AI.

While regular video creation tools can be limiting and time-consuming, AI tools like Steve.AI offer a transformative edge.

As much as 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands, and AI is the key to meeting that demand.

Fear not, for we have some valuable tips to share that can educate you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, product manager, HR specialist, communications expert, content creator, or anyone responsible for crafting corporate videos. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Steve.AI, an AI tool that can effortlessly create amazing videos in minutes.

5 Tips to Create Top-Notch Corporate Videos That Educate Your Customers

If you want to step up your corporate video quality that help your customers get what they want, then you’ve gotta play by the rulebook. Take heed of these valuable tips.

Understand your audience: Prior to video creation, grasp your target audience’s pain points, goals, and how your product or service addresses their needs, enabling a resonant and compelling message.

Set clear objectives: Define the purpose of your video, whether it’s educating, informing about updates, or motivating action, aiding in content focus and result measurement.

Opt for a suitable format: Select an appropriate format like animation for explaining concepts, demo for showcasing features, or documentary for sharing company culture, aligning with your objective and audience.

Develop a concise script: Craft a script outlining key points, tone, style, and call-to-action that matches your video’s length and format, ensuring clarity, engagement, and persuasion.

Enhance with visuals: Elevate your video’s appeal and memorability with relevant, consistent, high-quality visuals such as images, graphics, animations, and text that complement the script.

Steps to Create Corporate Videos in Minutes

AI has the answer. 

We have Steve.AI, an AI tool that transforms your video script into a stunning video in minutes. You only need to check the result and make some adjustments to add your brand information. And that’s not all. 

Making corporate videos with Steve is easy & effective, and it can differentiate you from the crowd. Not only can you create amazing videos in a flash, but you can also customize them and add your brand value to the videos.

Steve.AI is like a magical unicorn of AI video creation tools, making captivating corporate videos from your text faster than you can say ‘lights, camera, AI-tion!

To create a video with Steve.AI, all you need to do is follow the below steps:

Step 1: Sign up for free and select the Live or Animated video type.

Corporate Video Maker

Step 2: Choose the category for your corporate video and the title of your video.

Types of Corporate Video

Step 3: Select a script from the sample script library or type in your own script for your corporate video, like, “5 Start-up lessons that will help you win”, “We are hiring for you”, “Join our workspace on digital marketing” or much more depending on your needs.

Corporate Video Making Script

Step 4: Let the AI pick the most relevant assets for your video and choose your design style.

Corporate Video Making templates

Step 5: Edit your video by swapping the images/videos, adding voice-over, music, text, etc. Add your company’s branding elements. You can add your logo, colors, fonts, and other elements that reflect your brand identity and make your video more professional and trustworthy. 

Corporate Video Maker

Step 6: Highlight your company’s branding in your video. You can also choose the format and quality of your video, and download it. You can then share your video on your website, social media, email, or any other platform that reaches your target audience.

It’s that simple!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Steve.AI today and start creating amazing corporate videos that educate your customers!

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