How to use a Blog to Video Converter to Repurpose Content

How to use a Blog to Video Converter to Repurpose Content

by shravya | 10 Oct 2022 |

In an increasingly video-centric digital world, where some of the most popular social media platforms and content sharing platforms are encouraging visual content, there are debates about how relevant it is to create text-based content such as blogs.

However, despite the relevance of blogs being questioned ever so often, they continue to garner good readerships and reach among internet users. In fact, 9 out of 10 content marketers today say that they regularly produce blog content as part of their marketing strategies.

A lot of research and time goes into creating great blog content. There are studies that say a single blog takes approximately 6 hours to be drafted. When such resources go into creating this content, one of the best strategies that optimizes blog content as well as leverages the video-centric trends that we discussed earlier is – repurposing content!

Repurposing helps you get more and more value from existing content. And, with Steve AI’s blog to video converter, going from blog to video takes just minutes!

Let’s look at how you can use the tool to repurpose your blog content into engaging videos:

Step 1

Login to Steve AI and you will see your dashboard. Here, select the Live/Animation tab and paste the blog link in the Blog to Video section. We are selecting Animation in this case.

Image 1 1

The AI will quickly show you a summary of the blog content. You can de-select or select parts of the blog before you click on Proceed.

Step 2

You can now see the script section of the video, divided into scenes by the AI. Edit the script as required, enter the keyword for the AI to understand the context of the video better, select options such as music, voice-over, etc on the same screen and click on Next.

Image 2 2

Step 3

Select the video layout template. And in less than 10 seconds, your video draft is ready!

Image 3 2

Play the video and swap the animated characters, expressions, actions, backgrounds, etc in a single click wherever required. You can choose from hundreds of options!

Image 4 1

Pro tip: Animated videos convey a strong brand voice when defined well. So, focus on your kind of animated visuals and maintain consistency to establish a voice.

Step 4

Once the customization is done, click on Publish and sit back as Steve AI renders the final video for you in a few minutes!

Image 5 1

It is as simple as that! Yet, the videos that is created is so powerful and engaging. Try it for yourself and experiment with the blog to video feature. Your AI assistant awaits!

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