How to Plan and Storyboard your Marketing Video using an AI Marketing Video Maker

How to Plan and Storyboard your Marketing Video using an AI Marketing Video Maker

by Bhuvanesh | 15 Sep 2023 |

Learn how to create a killer marketing campaign with amazing marketing videos that will boost your sales.

Marketing videos can be used for various purposes like increasing brand awareness, promoting products or services, boosting social media engagement, engaging and educating audiences, driving website traffic, and ultimately, converting prospects into customers. 

Marketing videos are suitable to use across multiple platforms and channels to effectively convey a brand’s message and drive desired actions from the target audience.

However, creating a marketing video is not as simple as pointing a camera and pressing record. 

You need to have a proper storyboard in place to keep your audience hooked.

A storyboard is a visual representation of your video script, showing the key scenes, shots, and transitions that will make up your final video. A storyboard helps you to:

  • Organize your ideas
  • Visualize your video look and flow
  • Identify the resources and equipment you’d need
  • Avoid mistakes and revisions.

Imagine your company is launching a new product and wants to create a marketing video to generate leads. 

But how do you create a storyboard for your marketing video in minutes without putting in much effort? 

The answer is simple. AI.

You can either go for a traditional video tool which will take days or weeks to record a video, or you can use an AI video maker tool like Steve.AI.

Steve.AI is an AI-powered video creation tool where you just need to enter the text, and you will get an amazing video in minutes. 

Steve.AI can generate a visually appealing and engaging storyboard for your video. 

The storyboard includes a clear beginning, middle, and end, and it tells a story that will resonate with the company’s target audience. 

Steve.AI then uses high-quality footage and images to bring the storyboard to life. 

The final output will be an amazing marketing video, and it includes a clear call to action. As a result, the AI video generates a significant number of leads and outbound sales for the company.

Just follow the below steps to create a marketing video.

Step 1: Sign in or Sign up to Steve.AI and select the animation/live option.

Steve AI App

Step 2: Enter your script or let the tool generate one for you. Your script should include the main goal, the key message, and the tone of voice of your video.

Video Scripting for Marketing Campaign

Step 3: Pick a template from the custom library or make your own. You can upload your own images or use stock photos or videos to illustrate each scene.

Marketing Video templates

Step 4: Customize the video by changing, trimming, or adding images. You can include voice-over & subtitles to enhance your video. In this step, you can add your brand logo, image & font to customize the video according to your company.

Marketing Video Editing

Step 5:  Review and refine your storyboard that suit your needs. Now, download and share your video on social media, website, or email.

Steve.AI can help you plan and storyboard your video with ease. You don’t need any design or technical skills to use this tool. Try Steve.AI for yourself. You can sign up for free here and start creating amazing videos in minutes.

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