How to make a Facebook Story Ad with an AI Video-Maker

How to make a Facebook Story Ad with an AI Video-Maker

by admin | 28 Oct 2022 |

Facebook, as a platform, has evolved over its 15 odd years of existence. Today, it is not just a social networking site but is also an important platform where a lot of digital content is consumed by users. Naturally, for brands and marketers, it is a place to tell their story and communicate the value they offer to potential customers. 

There are various ways to talk about your product or promote it on Facebook. Today, we are talking about one important format – Facebook Stories. Did you know? 62% of Facebook users have said that they have become more interested in a product or service after finding out about it in Stories.

Stories are short, to the point, in the moment and really grab the attention of users amid the sea of posts and shares on the Feed. 

However, unlike the swift nature of stories, creating videos for stories is time-consuming. At least, that was the case. And then came Steve!

With Steve you can leverage video making AI to create amazing video ads for FB stories in minutes. How? Let us see in the steps below:

Step 1

Login with Steve using your e-mail id. On your dashboard, choose the ‘Live’ tab which is suitable to create content for the vertical format of a Facebook story ad. 

Click on Start in the Script to Live Video section.

Step 2

Now, you are on the script page where you can either enter your own script or select from our 200+ script templates covering various popular video scripts. 

Here, also make sure that your video dimensions are as per the vertical format.

Facebook Story Video Maker

Once you have the script ready, check the boxes for voice-over, video, etc and select the source type as per your Steve account type. Don’t forget to enter the keyword that best describes the kind of video you want to make, this gives context to the AI to pick the perfect visuals. 

Facebook Video Maker

Click on Next and select the video layout from the options shown.

Step 3

Your video ad is now ready to be reviewed!

Go through the scenes to swap any visuals in a single click and choose from a huge media library to customize. You can also customize music, voice tones, colour themes, text placement, and much more. Explore the menu on the Workspace to create just the video that you want.

Facebook Story Video Ad Maker

Step 4

Once you are done editing, click on Publish and your video is ready, in sync and rendered perfectly for you to simply download and share on Facebook stories!

Facebook Video Maker

Create and share amazing videos on Facebook stories with Steve and stay on top of your audiences’ minds!

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