How to make an Animated Promotional Video using AI!

How to make an Animated Promotional Video using AI!

by admin | 28 Oct 2022 |

Promo videos are a big part of marketing campaigns for brands and products. They clearly communicate the USP that is being offered and speak to the target customer segment about what the brand story is and what kind of a user experience they can expect. Many promo videos in the past have completely stolen the show with their creative storytelling and are remembered by the audiences long after the marketing campaigns are over. Some brands that are known for their promo video include Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Pepsi, and the likes.

However, did you know that the budget for creating such videos run into billions for these big brands? Yes videos are super effective for communication but also cost a bomb usually. Especially if you want great output that stands out.

However, AI offers a solution. With Steve, we have created a tool that converts your video script into an amazing video in minutes while you just review the output and tweak as required. What’s more? You can create animated promo videos with Steve and really stand out amid the tons of other promo videos out there contain in the same stock footage!

Here’s how you can create an animated promotional video for your campaigns in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Login to Steve with yoru e-mail id and select the ‘Animation’ tab.

Click on the Start button in the Script to Animation Video section to get started!

Step 2

On the script page, you can either enter your own script or choose from the 200+ popular script templates that we have. Here, we are choosing a Sale script.

Animated Promo Video

Once you enter the script, give the keyword for the AI to understand the larger context, choose the other options such as music, voice-over, etc as needed.

Animated Promotional Video

Step 3

Select the video layout template and the first draft of your video is now ready!

You can go through the video scene by scene to review. You can customize the animated characters, expressions and actions from a media library with over 1000 assets! 

Animated Promo Video

There are diverse human and animal characters to choose from. 

Animated Promo Video

Step 4

Once you are good with the video, hit on Publish and your video will be ready to download in just a few minutes while Steve takes care of the rendering like a pro!

Now, who would have thought creating super cool animated videos would be so easy? Make the most of Steve and up your content game with animations like never before!

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