How to make a great brand promo video from product photos

How to make a great brand promo video from product photos

by shravya | 27 Sep 2022 |

For any brand that is looking to grow, one area of focus is to increase marketing ROI. For every marketing (and consequently content creation) effort, optimizing returns is a really basic yet important step. There are a lot of strategies like repurposing content, re-imagining content and widening the reach of content through various channels that brands consider, but the base of all of this is to minimize the time and cost of creating marketing collaterals and maximizing the returns.

Well, that’s simple enough, right? Not really!

Minimizing and optimizing time and cost for content creation is not easy as it sounds. Often, the choice is between quality, consistency and original content on one side and easy, cheap, run-of-the-mill content on the other side. And not surprisingly, it is the former that really works in favour of brands.

In the digital world today where visuals are everything, being able to produce video content while not breaking their backs or their banks has been a challenge to marketers and content creators.

Atleast, that was the case before and it is what has driven us to build Steve AI as a video creator’s best friend!

With Steve AI, you can create stunning, high-quality, professional videos in minutes by leveraging the power of AI. It is like having your very own videomaking assistant that just asks you for creative guidance and goes ahead to do all the video production in an instant.

For example, let us look at how you can make a brand promo ad video from product photos, which is a very valuable marketing asset, in just a few clicks:

Step 1

Login to Steve AI and you are welcomed to your dashboard. Select ‘Create’ and then ‘Live Video’. Finish the initial selection by clicking on the video dimension.

Step 2

Enter the script for your video. For product videos, one format that works well is:

  • Catchy first line to gain the attention of the audience
  • Introducing the product
  • Highlighting important product features
  • Talking about the value that the product brings to user
  • Ending the video with a bang

Give a keyword related to the video to help AI understand the context. Also, check the music and voiceover boxes to include them in your video.

Step 3

Select the video layout template. And in less than 10 seconds, your video is ready!

Play the video and swap the required visuals with product images while leaving the rest of the AI selected visuals to complete the story. Generally, it works well to use the AI selected visuals for the introduction and value description while using product images for the product introduction, features and the ending part. Good news? You can upload the product images in one single click using the ‘Swap’ button!

You can also check out the great music library in case you want to explore some other background music. Steve AI automatically syncs it in an instant.

Options to customize

Image1 7

Upload images

Image2 8

Select music that you want to swap

Image3 5

Step 4

Once the images are added and the video flow looks good, click on Publish and sit back as Steve AI renders the final video for you in a few minutes.

The Story of Steve AI begins with you