How Can Using Video Content Increase the Brand Awareness of Your Small Business?

How Can Using Video Content Increase the Brand Awareness of Your Small Business?

by Sankar M | 15 Dec 2023 |

The challenge for business owners today is how to retain the attention of their clients. In these digital times, people’s devices are saturated with loads of content that overwhelm the senses. Usually, big brands flood your feed due to their large marketing resources. Making it hard for small businesses to compete.

For small businesses, they must make extra efforts to stand out from the crowd. Employing the help of video content is an excellent way to make a lasting impact on their target market. Impact that’ll help increase awareness for their brands. This also gives SMEs the unique opportunity to connect with their audience in a way that traditional methods struggle to achieve.

If you’re ready to learn about how videos can help increase brand awareness for your small business, then keep reading!

Tell A Story

Using video content for your brand allows you to breathe life into your brand’s story. It allows your customers to immerse themselves in your tale and connect with your company’s values.

Nowadays, customers love a good story. Knowing your brand’s story makes it more likely for them to purchase your products. 

More Content Plans

A good marketing trend to know is to utilize your video content for your digital channels. This enables your brand to target your market much better and provide engaging content. It also helps you utilize your content on more than just one channel, allowing you to reap better results across channels.

Maximize your small business’ impact by cross-posting your video on various social media channels. Connect with your target market and show up on their social media. This allows you to create a more personalized experience with your company while also increasing your brand’s awareness. 

Improve Website Performance

Did you know that you can harness the power of video content on your website and that it can positively impact your website’s performance? Yes, it’s true.

A basis that Google uses to measure your website’s performance and rank it higher on its search engine results is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is calculated by the length of time a viewer spends on your page. So, the longer someone stays on your page, the lower the bounce rate. 

By adding videos to your web pages, you can engage your customers and have them stay on your page longer because they’re entertained.

Show Off Your Products

If you want to show off your products in a dynamic way, video content is a great way to do so. 

Using short-form video marketing and showing off your products in action enable clients to imagine what it’s like to use it. Of course, you can also use videos to do the following concepts:

  • How-to guides
  • Demonstration videos
  • FAQs
  • Customer testimonials
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Comparison videos
  • 360-degree views
  • Successful user cases

If you can show off your products in any of these ways, you’re guaranteed to yield better company results.

Better Customer Relationship

Using video to showcase your brand can give your customers a much better experience with your brand. Educational videos are much easier to digest and much more interactive compared to other mediums.

Harnessing the power of videos and being generous with the information you share is an excellent way to show off your expertise while increasing user engagement. It also makes the knowledge more digestible for your clients. This positions your brand as more approachable, genuine, and generous. 

So, as you can see, the way you convey your brand’s message plays a huge role in customer relationships.

Making Your Business Stand Out With Steve.AI

Throughout this article, we’ve told you about the impact video content can have on your target market. However, as a small business, it can be difficult to make video content with a limited budget. Especially if you’re focusing your resources on other aspects of your business. 

Thankfully, AI has been transforming video production and making it more affordable for businesses everywhere. If you also want to create video content, you can invest in a reliable AI video production tool like Steve.AI.

Steve.AI is a video production platform that can help you create live and animated videos by inputting your needs in text. You can create the perfect media asset in just a couple of keystrokes. Are you ready to create engaging video content for your small business to increase brand awareness? Sign up with Steve.AI for FREE today!

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