How to Create GPT 3 Video using Steve in 5 minutes

How to Create GPT 3 Video using Steve in 5 minutes

by admin | 21 Jun 2023 |

Imagine a world where the process of crafting an impressive corporate video becomes seamless, efficient, and effortlessly captivating. A world where intelligent chatbots collaborate with advanced animation tools, breathing life into every word of your script. 

Enter ChatGPT and, two revolutionary solutions that will forever change the way you create captivating videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Picture this: A boardroom filled with executives, eagerly awaiting your corporate invite video. As the screen flickers to life, your captivating script unfolds, accompanied by stunning visuals that captivate every eye in the room. 

In this blog, we will be your guide on an exhilarating journey of how you can use ChatGPT and Steve to create your own remarkable corporate video in just 5 minutes. Let’s quickly run through the steps now, shall we! 

1. Login to ChatGPT and type out a corporate event invitation, immediately ChatGPT lays down the invite for you!

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2. Copy the invite and quickly switch to Steve.AI, choose the use case as animated video maker, and log in. Pick text to animation, and the script page appears.

3. Paste the script from ChatGPT and make changes in the script like the name and date. 

4. For the AI to layout the right scenes for you, it is essential to pick the keyword from the options it provides you with or simply type out your own for better context.

5. Next choose a suitable theme and the scenes are ready! Swap the scenes with images and videos that go better with the tone you prefer, although the AI does a pretty good job picking it for you!

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6. Next, goto audio and pick a suitable audio, In this case, I am picking something professional yet fun. Chose a voiceover from the 6 different languages and adjust the volume against the music. 

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7. Make other edits like trimming and scaling and the video. Add Outro and brand logos and your video is done.

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The combination of ChatGPT and Steve.AI has elevated your video from mundane to extraordinary, setting a new standard for corporate communication.

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