Going from Blog to Social Media Video Using AI

Going from Blog to Social Media Video Using AI

by admin | 20 Mar 2023 |

Did you know that there are over 572 million blogs on the internet?! Yes, and these blogs have dedicated reader communities as well. A survey showed that 77% of internet users regularly read blogs, even if just to skim through. 

Clearly, the blog universe has its own charm. However, the digital content world today is majorly video-centric. Over 51% of people say that they prefer video over text content and more than 92.8% of worldwide internet users consume video content each week!

Text content and video content have their own strengths in terms of communication, and distribution channels. However, when it comes to overall reach and ease of viewing, video content takes the trophy. This is specifically true for social media. 

The disadvantage though is that text content is considered much easier to create than video content that needs professional production and editing skills. With Steve, this major barrier breaks and how!

Videos are as easy as just typing in text with an AI tool like Steve. In fact, you can simply paste your blog URL on Steve and have it convert the content of the blog into a stunning video.

How? Read on to know the simple steps to convert blog to social media video:

Step 1

Login to Steve with your e-mail id and select either the ‘Blog’ tab to start. Copy the URL of the promo blog and paste it into the Blog to Video or Blog to Animation section of the dashboard as per your requirement. 

Blog to Video

Step 2

Review the summary of the blog that is generated by AI, select from Small, Medium, or Large lengths and easily edit the summary if required to highlight key points if it is not already chosen by the AI. 

Blog URL to Video

Step 3

Steve now creates the script for the video from the summary and divides the script into scenes. Review and add to the script if required.

Choose from the array of options for music, voice-over, video format, etc and enter the keyword to define the context or the AI.

Blog to Animation Video

Hit Next.

Step 4

And your video is ready!

Blog to Video

You can review each scene and simply swap visuals from a huge video and image library to customize. You can also customize music, colours, text and other parts of the video in a single click.

Finalize the video as per your taste and click Publish to get your final video to download.

Yes! It is that easy to convert a lengthy blog into a super engaging, stunning video for social media. Have you tried this using Steve yet?

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