6 Most Loved Video Types for YouTube Content Creators

6 Most Loved Video Types for YouTube Content Creators

by admin | 14 Nov 2022 |

There are over 200 million content creators in the world today and the creator economy is valued at over $10 billion! Well, clearly it is a great time to be a content creator today. 

The other side of it is that the accessibility of content creation also means there is that much competition and it is important for creators to have a good strategy to grow and thrive for themselves. However, competition works a little differently on digital platforms. It is not always one creator against other, there is space for co-existence and collaboration. 

In this context, the strategy to be a successful content creator depends on a number of other factors, several of which have to do with the platforms themselves. One important factor among these is the growth rate of the platform itself. And, the fastest-growing platform that is a haven for content creators is YouTube!

YouTube consumption, just in the US, has grown steadily from 73% in 2019 to 81% in 2022 while most other popular platforms have remained pretty much stagnant. 

Clearly, YouTube is THE place to be for content creators. But, what is the type of content that works well and gets YouTube content creators those elusive views, subscribers and likes? Here is a list of the most popular video types to consider:

Learning and Development Videos

This includes educational videos, explainer videos showing demo of products, docuseries, and other similar content that teaches something to the viewers. YouTube has become the go-to for people wanting to learn anything from building furniture to software. Instead of tedious pdfs, videos quickly educate while also engaging viewers and hence are popular content types to explore.

How-to videos

This is almost an extension of educational videos but could include more informal topics too! Show simple steps to do anything under the sun from lifting weights to disposing of garbage with How To videos and be more relatable and relevant than ever!

Comedy/goofy videos

Entertainment does remain one of the most common reasons people use YouTube and comedy is a timeless choice! Plan creative, uninhibited, entertaining content to really hook your audience.

Listicle videos

Anything following “Top 10…” piques a certain curiosity, doesn’t it? Listicles are also very popular on YouTube and can be put together with relatively lesser effort. Consider this type of content to explore different topics that do not require a depth of knowledge but instead leverage pop culture.

Reaction videos 

As another way to keep conversations about pop culture going, you can explore reaction videos including commentary videos, challenge videos, satire videos, etc. These really bring out creativity!

Behind-the-scenes videos

People love to know what goes behind the scenes of brands, shows, content production, etc. Leverage footage from bloopers and create BTS videos that the audience will lap up!

You could use a combination of these video formats or focus on doing one of them brilliantly. Find your own voice and start creating content! Steve is with you to make the process of actual video making a breeze, after all!

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