5 Reasons to Create Animated Explainer Videos with AI

5 Reasons to Create Animated Explainer Videos with AI

by admin | 28 Dec 2022 |

Videos are among the most engaging, most seamless pieces of communication today in the digital world. Stats such as the Cisco reports that said 82% of internet usage in 2022 came from videos have shown that the video ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds and is only going to get bigger.

As videos become ubiquitous, what does it mean for brands? How can brand communicators leverage the versatile tool that video is? Well, the answer lies in picking the best format of video that works for your business and the best channel that will take it to your audience.

In the list of some of the best video formats that work for brand communication, right on the top is the explainer video format. What is an explainer video? A video that demonstrates the workings, the process or the usefulness of your product or service can be called an explainer video.

This ticks really important boxes such as creating customer awareness, communicating product value, increasing user adaptability to product/service through demonstration, and so much more. From people who are exploring new products to people who are looking to learn about a specific topic, there is a huge audience for learning videos and explainer videos cater to this large audience while widening your potential user base. 

Once you have the channels to reach the audience, it is time to think of making your content as unique as possible to retain their attention and convey what you want to say. And, this is where animated content saves the day and how! 

But wait, how does one create animated videos without spending a bomb on specialist video creators? Well, making video creation, even the animated video content, almost as accessible as watching a video is ……AI!

Bringing all of these amazing elements together, let us now take a brief look at the advantages of creating an animated explainer video for your brand using AI. 

User education made easy

User education is a major part of almost every go-to-market strategy. Explainer videos are great tools for this. Using animated content in explainer videos further enhances the quality of user experience, making the content immersive and engaging.

The No-Shoot advantage

With animated videos, one of the biggest advantages is that the whole process of shooting for content can be done away with. Further, the animated visuals offer more scope to showcase varied visuals that wouldn’t be possible with live-action content.

Bring entertainment and education together

Animated videos are perfect to mix entertainment and education for the audience to lap up. By enabling video creators to be more creative and experiment with more characters, these videos can truly become assets to your brand communications.

AI assistant gets the work done in minutes!

Now, to the question of how we make animated videos without breaking the bank and spending weeks – Enter Steve! The AI tool creates animated content in minutes that is a breeze to customize in one click. Get that video making AI assistant to create animated content consistently.

Automate video production 

Extending from the previous point, your video making AI assistant could automate the entire production process by converting script to animated video in minutes, complete with music/voice-overs and render the visuals for you to download in one click.

So, login to Steve and start creating animated explainer videos for your brand now and elevate your content strategy right away!

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