How to make a Branded Educational Video Series with AI

How to make a Branded Educational Video Series with AI

by admin | 29 Nov 2022 |

At first glance, brands and educational videos don’t seem to be made for each other. Brands are known to be associated with businesses. An educational video is associated with learning institutions and classrooms. Brands need advertisements to communicate with users, institutions need curriculums to cater to students. Not a lot of intersections, fair enough.

However, here is a stat – It is found that potential users who consumed educational content related to brand offerings were shown to be 131% more likely to convert into actual customers!

Especially in the early stages of a brand when there is not enough awareness among consumers about the problem that the business is solving, educating them becomes foundational for the success of the brands and of course, an integral part of marketing too.

Some potential topics for brands to create educational content for would be:

  • The problem that the brand’s products solve
  • The way that the solutions would impact the world
  • Why the problem needs to be solved in the first place
  • Topics that would interest the user community and offer additional value

While there are already tonnes of educational videos out there, branded and otherwise, it is important to make your content stand out so the audience finds the content amidst the clutter. This is where animated content plays a big role. Further, it creates a consistently strong tone for your content that will encourage the audience to keep following your content and associate more with your brand. The good news is that with Steve, you can create animated educational content for your brand in minutes!

Let us look at the steps to create not just an educational video but a series of animated content with Steve in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Divide the educational content into bite-sized topics and keep the text for each topic ready to be added to the script.

Step 2

Login to Steve with your e-mail id. Select the animation tab on your dashboard and click on the Script to Animated Video button.

Step 3

You will come to the script page where you can either enter your own script or select from a pre-generated list of popular script templates that include multiple educational video templates.

We have selected an existing template. 

You can now edit the text to suit your content. You can also select the source for the visuals, add music and voiceover, and most importantly enter a keyword for the AI to understand the context of the video.

Click Next and choose a template for the video. For this example, we are choosing the Newscaster template that comes with the feature of animated characters lip-syncing to the script!

Step 4

On your workspace, you can review the scenes and make any edits as needed.

You can swap characters, expressions or actions. 

You can also edit other aspects of the video such as scene length, colours, text placement, etc in one click.

Step 5

Preview the final video, hit Publish and your video is ready!

Download the video in various qualities of exports and share it on your preferred channels!

Try it out and make educational videos with utmost ease with your AI assistant by your side!

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