AI Animation -Hacks to Create Unique Educational Video Content

Gain valuable insights into how AI can automate complex animated video content creation

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Steve AI

points include:

  • Stats on educational content consumption
  • Personas of educational content creators
  • Advantage of animated educational videos
  • What are the different formats for educational videos
  • Pain points of subject matter experts who want to create educational videos
  • Demo with specific use-case

Meet the speakers:

Joewin Shamalina

Joewin is a video marketer at Steve with a wide scope of experience in making videos of different kinds for marketing, entertainment, L&D, etc. She has been experimenting with new video content, specifically using AI tools, for the past year. She has a great understanding of the video eco-system and an instinct for catching the pulse of audiences through her content. She will be facilitating this discussion and sharing her input from practical experience.

Geetika S

Geethika is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) with a keen interest and experience in SaaS solutions. With Steve, her work revolves around understanding the use cases of the tool, prospecting, lead generation, sales and a lot more pertaining to pre and post sales. She will be bringing her hands on perspective to the webinar and exploring the workings of the tool through a detailed demo. She will also share her personal experience of using AI tools to create content.