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Increased Conversion Rates:

Websites with customer testimonials have higher conversion rates as they address potential customers' concerns, making them more likely to take action.

Transparency and vulnerability:

When customers openly share their struggles, it builds trust and connection with the audience.

Long-term customers:

Highlighting testimonials from your long-term customers will show the ever-lasting impact of your brand and builds trust in its reliability.

Reducing perceived risk:

Seeing other people having success with your brand reduces the perceived risk for potential customers, making them more likely to try your product or service.

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How Client Testimonials Can Boost
Your Trustworthiness

Showcase the impact of your work:

See your product or service through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.

Build credibility and trust:

Potential customers are more likely to trust the words of real people than your own marketing messages.

Connect with your audience on an emotional level:

Testimonial videos allow you to capture the genuine emotions and experiences of your clients, which can resonate deeply with viewers.

Increase conversion rates:

Client testimonial videos can significantly improve conversion rates, leading to more sales and leads.

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Steve AI offers a variety of customizable templates for testimonial videos.
Steve AI can create testimonial videos in 8 different languages, so you can reach a wider audience.
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Steve.AI’s talking head feature is useful to create customer testimonial videos.
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How to Create Testimonial Videos

Step 1
Log in to Steve AI and choose ‘Create New Project’ and choose the video type.
Step 2
Write the script on your own and mention about the client/customer testimony or use one of our relevant scripts from the script library.
Step 3
Choose a template from our customized library
Step 4
Select the theme as per your wish and customise your video to your needs.
Step 5
Save, share and download your video.

Create Professional Testimonial Videos With Our Testimonial Video Templates

You can make creative testimonial videos using these amazing templates from Steve AI

4 Proven Strategies for Creating
Testimonial Videos Like a Pro


Choose the right testimonial giver

Select a customer or client who is genuinely enthusiastic about your product or service and can articulate their experience. Consider their personality and ability to connect with the audience.


Craft a compelling narrative

Develop an outline that guides the testimonial giver through their story, highlighting the specific challenges they faced, how your service helped them overcome those challenges, and the positive impact it has had on their business.


Add visual elements

Enhance the testimonial video with relevant visuals that support the narrative. Use product shots, customer demos, or behind-the-scenes footage to illustrate the testimonial giver's experience.


Highlight specific pain points and solutions

Focus on how your product or service has helped customers overcome specific challenges. This will resonate with viewers who are facing similar problems and make your testimonials more actionable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are testimonial videos?
Testimonial videos are short videos featuring customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with a company or product. They are a powerful marketing tool that can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.
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Why do testimonial videos work?
Seeing and hearing real people's positive experiences with a product or service makes it more believable than traditional marketing messages. testimonial videos work because they are authentic, relatable, and persuasive. You can create testimonial video using Steve AI, one of the best video testimonial application that is currently available.
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How to get video testimonials from customers?
To get video testimonials from customers, you need to ask them for feedback at the right time and in the right way, make it easy for them to record and submit their video, and offer them some incentives or rewards for their participation.
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What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating testimonial videos?
Here are some common mistakes to avoid when creating testimonial videos:
  • Overselling the product or service.
  • Using scripted or insincere testimonials.
  • Editing the testimonial to make it look fake.
  • Not including a call to action.
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Are video testimonials good?
Video testimonials can convey more emotion, authenticity, and credibility than written testimonials, as they show the real faces, voices, and expressions of the customers. Video also helps establish a stronger emotional bond between your brand and the potential customers
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